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  • Dec 11 '16

    I left IHC a year ago. The issue with shift differentials at the time was that they were a percentage of one's hourly pay, rather than a straight amount per hour. So a new grad at the bottom of the pay scale not only earned less pay, but their shift differential was lower than a more experienced nurse. Not sure if this is still accurate. I believe there was a weekend differential of maybe 50 cents/hour.

    Holiday was time and a half, but in a sneaky way. For example, let's say you work night shift after Thanksgiving dinner. Your whole holiday was ruined, but you're only getting time and a half during the 7p-12a portion of that shift, when it was literally the day of the holiday. You'd have to also work the night shift before the holiday to get that 12a-7a portion at holiday pay rate and thus end up with 12 full hours overall of holiday pay.

    Hope that makes some sense

  • Aug 3 '16

    Quote from Ldelasco
    I just started my first travel nurse assignment 2 weeks ago. I moved from CT to TX. I severely underestimated how lonely I would feel. I'm a labor & delivery nurse and I equate this feeling with a primip who arrives on the unit after all of her googling and Pinterest ideas stating "no...I don't want an epidural" and then cries and begs for one when she is truly in active labor. I thought I knew what lonely was...but I didn't! Pictures of my family made me happy at home but if I display them in my hotel they make me cry. It feels as if I died and I'm currently in purgatory. I actually feel silly for the amount of personal effects I brought that I have no room for.
    CT to TX is a big move! If you want to try another assignment, you could always do something within maybe a four hour radius of home, and see if you can get your shifts in a row and go home for long weekends. And sometimes just knowing you can get in your car and go back anytime you want makes a huge difference. You could also plan your assignments around locations where you have friends or relatives, and even better if you can rent a room from them and avoid the whole hotel thing. Then you could always branch out further in the future once you have a few assignments under your belt. Good luck!