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    Yea maybe I just need to find my niche. And @ArtClass, I love my life very much even at my job, I just would highly rather not be THERE, thats the problem.

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    I guess I am burnt out..
    I worked in a SNF as a CNA & LPN through nursing school, and the last, almost 4 years I have worked in a Neuro ICU. I applied for and interviewed for a float RN position at a hospital near home, and didn't get it because I didn't know enough about cardiac care in emergent situations (big ding in the interview- I didnt know the bolus and infusion dose of Cardizem.)
    Anyways, I do love Neuro and I couldnt imagine being a med/surg or tele nurse, I think its just my catty, gossipy, unit I just feel "done" with. I also feel like in general it is time for me to move on.
    I dont know what the point of this post is, maybe just to rant, but I hear so many people just surviving their nursing jobs for the paycheck, and I want hope that as I continue searching and praying and studying, there is hope for me to get a job I actually dont dread going into the next day. (I have 19 hours til I have to be at work and Im already bummed about it.)

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    Hi all!
    I'm thinking about moving from the Phoenix area to Macon/Fort Valley if all things go as planned over the next few months. I currently work in a Neuro ICU making approx $28/hr before differentials after about 3 years experience.
    I am just wondering if anyone could give me an idea as to what I should expect to make with that experience? I'm thinking of sticking with a hospital job (would definitely still have to be some sort of ICU), or maybe going to hospice or home health- I'm definitely craving some sort of day time job- these night shifts are wearing me out!

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    Sounds awesome!!! A new start to the rest of your life! I got a job as a new grad in the Neuro ICU a year and a half ago & its all been great Have fun on this journey & get ready to learn tons!

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    13 months off orientation & 3 good weeks of studying & I PASSED TODAY!!! yay!!!
    Thanks yall for your replies!

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    Hey there,

    I've attended a couple conferences lately which have awarded contact hours. I'm just wondering if these count as CEUs to maintain certifications?

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    Hey ya'll... I'm a neuro nurse with only one year off orientation in a neuro ICU. I really want to take my CCRN this year so that my unit will pay for me to take my CNRN next year- and I like to get things done sooner than later... and I'm a pretty good test taker.
    Anyways, I'm studying a lot of cardiac cause I've had ZERO CABG pts, ZERO IABPs, ZERO experience with PACs... so like I said, lots of studying over here...
    I'm listening to the Laura Gasparagis tapes & studying her "Pearls" book, and taking the practice tests off "Pass CCRN." On the practice tests I get 50-60% generally. For those of you that have taken the test, would you say this is pretty indicitive of how I will do on the exam?

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    I just heard of this last week!! So gross & so stupid!

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    Dream job sounds like a good idea.. Rather have a dream job than one where I have to tough it out lol

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    I guess this is a reverse rant haha...
    I started at my job a few months ago, and got a sufficient orientation with preceptors who sought out learning experiences for me at all times. I was always able (and still am) to ask a million questions, and "talk through things" to make sure I have it right without them laughing at me. <dont know why I was afraid of that one.

    Anyways, the other night I feel like I had such a good shift. To begin with, I work in an ICU as a new grad RN with some experience as a CNA & LPN.. So the fact that I can actually manage most of these (except the highest of acuity, that havent given me those yet thank God), is so exciting to me to begin with.

    This night, I had pretty slow patients, so I was able to help the nurse next to me give a bath at an unexpected time when her patient projectile vomited everywhere, and then sit with her, as she had dementia and was trying to get out of bed with a C-something fracture. I used to work on a dementia unit as an aid and really miss these patients sometimes so it was really nice just sitting next to this woman chatting for a while.

    Then, I was able to help the other nurse next to me take her pt to a pre-op CT, and we talked too, I've helped this woman before, and she (the pt) told me "My daughter and I just love you. The other nurses give me good care, but you are so sweet, you are just a 'complete' nurse" Awww she just melted me then!! She ended up having some BP issues & I got down to one pt, so I helped out there for a couple hours. In the ICU, you either seem to get much worse and it's sad, or you get better, but you get transferred to a floor room or a rehab facility, so its rare for us to see someone just get "all better" lol. But one my patients I had 3 nights in a row, by the last night, had all his pressors off, his EVD taken out, his pain controlled, his bp controlled, his art-line out & his IV saline locked & he was getting to go HOME! It was just such a great last day for me, I thought I'd share

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    Oh so my answer would be neuro icu TONS of patho, tons of leanring and even more skills!

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    I agree with always acting like it's an interview... I also got hired on my dream floor, the neuro icu, right out of school after making a good impression there.