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    Quote from Davey Do
    As part of the training for the Assertive Community Treatment program back in 1998, Mental Health Professionals attended a 2 week training seminar in Chicago which involved similar exercises.

    For example, for one exercise, we wore headphones mimicking auditory hallucinations while we went through our day. During my interview with a Psychologist, I was diagnosed with Hebephrenic Schizophrenia because I couldn't stop laughing.

    In another exercise, we had to go out on the street and panhandle.

    I made a dollar.

    These empathy exercises were well planned and executed. Not only was the experience enlightening, it was also just plain old fun.

    Too bad this one was not likewise.

    The difference being this was not an empathy exercise, but rather a way to punish the nurses and show them what it feels like to not be able to go to the bathroom. It is abusive, shameful and sadly a cruel joke because it is so common for nurses to not go to the bathroom at work because they don't feel they have the time! Management once again blaming the nurse for all the problems. If only the nurses were like Florence Nightingale then everything would be wonderful! No mention or recognition that the problems stem from systemic understaffing and mismanagement!

    I grew up in a physically and emotionally abusive environment and sometimes it feels like nursing is similar! The working conditions are coercive and then the physical abuse comes from the patients. It's a sad irony that is not lost on me, but I have to work and can't afford to quit and take early retirement. I've seen alot over the years that has left me bitter, but then even worse things are done such as forcing vaccines on us just to have a job. It leaves me wondering where things will end by the time I can retire! How much worse is it going to get! We are left where we don't have control of our own body, what we put in it and now when we can even go the bathroom! This insanity needs to stop!

    Management are the ones that should have had this "empathy" experiment, not the workers in the trenches. They have probably never not taken a break, lunch or gone to the bathroom whenever they wanted! Heck they don't even have to punch a time clock. Maybe if they experienced what it felt like they might wake up and hire more staff! That should be the first solution!

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    Quote from Emergent
    They need a boot camp for management. No breaks, unreasonable patients and family members, ridiculous mandatory charting, 5 call lights going off at once, monitor alarms and bed alarms screeching as well.
    When they put the alarm system in our breakroom so there was no escape from the lights, I thought why don't they put the alarms in their own offices! Surprised they didn't put an alarm system in our bathroom as well!

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    Quote from MaryColleenRN
    You have no business being in management with that attitude!!! If you can't handle bedside nursing, you'll never survive as a functional manager. The managers have to be the best bedside nurses to effectively manage others. Shame on you!

    I'm a bedside nurse turned manager who voluntarily still works at the bedside to stay in touch with the needs of the patient, their families and my staff. Yeah, some days suck, but it makes me a better nurse and a better manager.

    I wish more managers were like you. So many forget what its like to work in the trenches once they get into administration.

    We're blessed where I work with a great supervisor who is hands on and will help you with anything, just wish there were more out there like her.

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    Quote from Nonyvole
    Cutting carbs? Hah! Between my MDD, GAD, ADHD, and chronic pain, I live on carbs.
    I agree if you cut carbs too much it can affect your mood and cause depression. I do think some people, probably the 2/3 of America that is overweight or obese have some insulin resistance and would be better off on a high protein, low carb diet. But I also think part of the problem is simply sugar addiction which they say is harder to stop then cocaine addiction.

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    Just FYI, administration usually strongly discourages employees to compare pay rates. If you do discuss a raise, DO NOT reveal that you know about your friend's rate. You will most likely jeopardize her job and yours.[/QUOTE]

    While it is illlegal to forbid discussing wages, many companies do it anyway. Just in the news recently was a teen girl who found out her male friend was hired at the same job for 25 cents more an hour. When she brought this up hoping to get equal pay as should be the case, the pizza place fired both of them for discussing wages. Frankly I wish the govt would do more for workers and take this case on to send a message. But I doubt they will because it is just a small pizza place, and truthfully the govt is too busy trying to please companies in the hope of creating more jobs to salvage the economy.

    Sure you can ask for a raise, but I would be surprised if you will get one. Most places only give the yearly 2-3% if you are lucky. Best chance to negotiate pay is when you are changing jobs. It used to be a given that you would get a raise switching jobs but I've heard of nurses being offered only the same wage and recently being expected to take a pay cut for a job. One negotiated a better wage than first offered, but it was still a pay cut and other, younger nurse just took the pay cut because she apparently didn't know any better.

    Personally I find a pay cut insulting to begin with, especially when you bring experience to the table. I would never voluntarily take a pay cut if I can help it. Why go backwards. I have received other job offers over the years but just knowing there was no retirement plan turned me off from even considering one job as that would be a 5% pay cut right there.

    That is one of the problems of finding a non bedside job they want to give you a pay cut and cut your benefits too. It's a hard pill to swallow. I know some feel the peace of mind and better working conditions, less stress, more than make up for it, but I'm not keen on taking a pay cut. I have plenty of bills to pay as well as save for retirement, etc.

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    Quote from JaxJax5423
    yup. I actually work at a great hospital that is staffed well. But some of a these demands from parents are unbelievable. And in addition to my patient care......I was asked to audit charts, replace iv pumps for biomed, edit and review a new welcome letter, start a draft for a presentation on iv infiltration. REALLY! So I'm biomed, education, and management too. Without the pay!

    So I may not have 6 patients, but they require our Involvement in everything.

    I'm only 5 years in and part time.....feeling on the road to burn out.
    Sounds like you have to get assertive and learn to say no to all the extra demands! Practice, just say no!

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    What would be wrong about women being modest? Circumspect? Sensible? Regulating their alcohol intake? Not getting rip roaring wasted with drugs or ETOH? Can people always have our cake and eat it, too?

    It is a lie that people, especially women because of the biological facts of life, can have it all all the time, in every case. At least, that is my opinion.

    There is much information about rape culture that I didn't think about before reading this thread, so thanks to those who shared this info.

    I still think it would be wise for a woman to live more sedately.
    Even modestly dressed women have been raped. You are buying into the rape culture myth that woman who are attractive and sexy are asking for it. Your solution is we all wear a burka? Guess what even those woman get raped and then are blamed for it by the Muslim system wear woman have no rights whatsoever.

    Why should women live more sedately? You have some strange, non mainstream ideas. Perhaps if the rapist hadn't drank so much he wouldn't have raped her, at least that is his excuse!

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    Taking vitals because of the hassle with equipment, battery dead, shortage of the right size cuffs, previous shift leaving the thermometer probes empty. Then everyone needs either to go to the bathroom or wants something while the CNA sits and does nothing! Meds are such a pain since the computer and that brings back the stupid computer charting. Being forced to put Dr's orders in when the system is meant for the Dr to put it in and we are told they are to do it, but they refuse and the computer asks questions for the Dr so we have to guess what they want or call them back constantly! For some stupid reason the unit clerks are no longer able to put orders in. They keep adding to the workloand and then you come to work one day and they decide to raise the staffing ratios! Breaking my back moving people. People are a lot bigger now than they were 20 years ago! What I like is using my brain, not my body. Lastly hard to concentrate when a million different alarms are going off constantly! I guess I'm in the wrong field! My mistake not going back for an NP. I encourage the new nurses to go back to school and not plan on staying at the bedside.

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    Quote from lifelearningrn
    It did bother me that the mother's letter to the judge was really an "all about me" narrative where she talks about how she can't even decorate her new home because of what happened. It was so self-centered, "why him; why me; why us????" I imagine the victim thinks that every, single day.

    How is the son framing this incident? He has convinced his parents it was consensual? That both him and this girl were having consensual sex behind a dumpster??
    No one would have consensual sex behind or around a dumpster! He treated her like she was garbage, raping her beside a dumpster! Thankfully two heroes appeared that put an end to the rape, stopped him from running away, and ensured she was given the medical care she needed.

    That his parents would either buy his lies or simply not care about the victim to protect their son makes me ill! The father's letter screams whats the big deal, while the mom's letter is ridiculous like she was trying to have him canonized for sainthood! Then the woe is me and woe is my poor family, I can't even decorate my house I'm so upset! Really! Really!

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    After reading thru the posts I agree with those who think this is not a fellow nurse and perhaps not even anyone in healthcare. If they are still reading this I want to let them know that Hep C is now curable. The old meds had about a 67% cure rate and the newest ones have a 90% cure rate. Also it is possible for HIV patients on antivirals to have no detectable virus found in their blood. There is hope for a cure.

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    Quote from arc1
    Whoa. Uhh no. I hope that does not happen to him. Vengeance is not the answer.
    I agree with you. I just wish this world was a better place where rape didn't happen period! I just hope the victim's impact letter opened his eyes to all the pain his actions of "20 minutes" have caused.

    What troubles me is he did not show any real regret and instead was focused on his losses, as if he was the victim. His family and friends who wrote letters to the judge did the same. One letter tried to minimize what he did as drunk college kids getting carried away vs a "real" rape like a kidnapping and rape. Rape is rape!

    In my years I know of too many woman who have been victims of rape. I helped a fellow college student who had been gang raped and then dropped off at the dorm go to the ER to be treated. She had been acting in a play with these men who she thought of as friends and they turned around and raped her and then dumped her off at the dorm like she was nothing! As a nurse I heard of many others struggling from pasts of sexual abuse and rape as both children and adults. This is such a prevalent problem and many times it goes unreported.

    I'm just so tired of hearing of these rapes by college athletes who seem to think the world owes them whatever they want and they can just take it without consequence! It galled me all the coverage about what he lost; his coveted chance to go to the olympics, his scholarship at Stanford, his chance to be an orthopedic surgeon. The mom even cried about not being able to enjoy decorating her new house because of this, someone suggested paint it jail house orange. lol They even had the gall to set up a go fund me type account to help pay the lawyers fees. I heard the dad was planning to appeal the verdict when it was clear his son lied about consensual sex! I'm glad the jury saw through his lies. It sickens me what jury trials put the victim through. She expected him to take a plea deal and admit his guilt and here he gets a lesser sentence after being convicted of three felonies!

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    Quote from NurseMegBSNRN
    In Cleveland, Ohio I started at $26/hr day shift (27 when rotating to nights) at a major hospital. However, my orientation period was 75% pay for those 3 months. So, in my mind, starting at 27 (which is what I'm at after a year) is a great thing!
    I've never heard of being offered only 75% pay during orientation. I hope this does not become a trend! Also only a $1 extra for nights is pretty bad if you ask me! The starting pay sounds all right though.

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    I'm surprised there has been no mention of the Stanford rape trial and sentence on all nurses. I'm opening up the discussion as I feel it pertains to us in many ways. One as people who may have been victims or know others who have been victims of sexual violence and two as nurses that have taken care of others in this situation, whether directly in ER or a patient suffering from PTSD with other health problems as well.

    I applaud the survivor's bravery and her impact statement that has gone public. I hope this will comfort other survivors, but even more I hope this will discourage rape in general. Campus rapes are common and rapes at frats are in the news frequently. Once again a college athlete got off with just a slap on the wrist, although I don't think he counted on all the negative publicity this case has garnered.

    What disturbs me the most is the letters of the parents to the judge. The father's don't punish him for 20 minutes of action. Then the mother's letter, who by the way is a nurse for gynecological surgeries and in the past as a pediatric nurse, who had not one iota of empathy for the victim. Her letter simply astonished me. I can't believe as a woman, as a nurse, as a mother of a daughter she had no empathy for the victim! This troubles me the most! I imagine in her years as a nurse she must have taken care of a rape victim and her total lack of empathy for the victim disturbs me greatly!

    What do the rest of you feel about this?

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    Quote from beckiand
    You seriously don't think the employer has the right to know that a healthcare worker has a medical condition that could adversely effect patients? That's just ignorant, so I'm going to ignore your suggestion. It must be a sensitive subject for you to respond with such venom! No matter. I think I have everything I need now to proceed with the complaint and feel good about it. I don't require your opinion or approval. I know it's the right thing to do.
    Did you forget about Hipaa laws? People have a right to privacy and that includes health care workers. Your decision to betray your friend or coworker will expose you for the slime you are! Expect to experience a backlash among your coworkers! They will know you are someone who is not trustworthy! Again universal precautions protect both the patient and the healthcare worker. How would this person's disease endanger patients? I really don't see any way this person would endanger patients as long as they are not exposing them to body fluids. How would this person's body fluids get on patients as a healthcare worker? You are both sleezy and stupid! It's hard to believe you work in the health care field when you bring up such an ignorant response that this person is endangering patients. Give us some evidence of how they have actually endangered anyone! All I can say is you are a piece of work and I'm glad I don't work with you. But don't be surprised if you don't get the response you are hoping for and instead find yourself the odd person out, shunned by your coworkers once you show them your true colors!

    I luckily have no communicable diseases, but if I did it would be no one's business but mine. I have had a needle stick and other fluid exposure in my long career as a nurse and had to be tested for HIV and Hep C. Luckily I was ok. I have also witnessed a coworker get a needle stick from an overloaded needlebox and had to take AZT in case the needle came from HIV since there was who the needle came from. That coworker experienced severe side effects from AZT, not to mention the fear and stress of wondering if they would get HIV!

    I just don't get your self righteous need to expose your friend or coworker's illness. You have not given us any credible threat this person poses to the patients. Sounds like NETY and another example of so called compassionate nurses having no compassion for their own coworkers! Sad! Just Sad!

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    I suggest you get some therapy to deal with your anger issues. Read some books about anger management. Sometimes meds are prescribed to deal with anger such as clonidine or wellbutrin, but you'd have to see your Dr or see a psychiatrist. This isn't medical advice just some info I've learned. I know someone who was put on wellbutrin an antidepressant and they said it helped calm them.

    But honestly I don't think nursing will be a good fit for you because it is a very hard, high stress job and nurses have very little control over their job. The work environment and stress leaves me angry and I find myself venting on here often. I never used to have this problem before I became a nurse. I've worked many other jobs, some were boring, some were tedious and a few were downright fun and enjoyable. I can't say that about nursing. It is the hardest job I've ever done and I'm just looking toward early retirement if I can save enough money and pay off my mortgage. I'm a happy person away from work, but I dread going in due to working conditions.

    When you say you already have anger issues, I really would suggest you look toward another career choice. Ultrasound tech is a similar but much better job. Look into that. At least you would be working with only one patient at a time have a defined job and most likely have regular hours.

    But whatever you do, I really advise you to get help for your anger simply so you can be happy and get along with others. You can't afford to lose your temper at any job, but especially as a nurse because it just won't be tolerated and you will be shown the door. You are expected to be pleasant, friendly, smile and do anything your patient/family wants to make them happy and keep the patient satisfaction scores up! Personally I think you would be miserable in floor nursing and would end up fired if you can't control your temper.

    I'm able to control my temper. If I'm upset I just walk away from the patient or coworker and take a break, even if just in the bathroom to calm down. I struggle with anger over the working conditions and what is expected of us in general. I wish I could say I enjoyed my job. I know it could be worse. I try to remember the good days I have, kind friendly patients, I do have a great supervisor who is helpful and hands on.

    There is another thread about HSP highly sensitive people and you might want to check that out for advice as well. But for your own peace of mind, get some help for your anger.