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  • Jan 11

    I am a flight nurse who flies rotor and fixed wing daily with my RT partners. I have immense respect for your profession, and the knowledge and skill you bring to managing patients. Thanks for all you do.

    But you lost me with that "savage" comment. Sorry your experience has been so poor.

  • Jan 11

    Best of luck in your new adventures.
    I am sorry you didn't have good working relations with many of the nurses.
    Personally, I think of the RTs as my brothers(and sisters) in arms. When things go south with a patient, who cannot be grateful when RT shows up? We have battled the forces of death and desaturation many times together.

  • Jan 11

    I can say where I work everyone has a mutual respect for one another. The observations and opinions of a respiratory therapist are valued by the nurses, as well as the pulmonologists. Sorry you've had such a bad experience. I tend to just drive right past condescending remarks, but I will concur with the others and warn you that surgeons can be very difficult to deal with (although most of the ones I work with are really nice). Anyways, best of luck!

    P.S. If the scenario about the clogged/malfunctioning chest tube is true, you should really just go ahead and point it out, it's not that patient's fault you don't get along with that nurse.

  • Jan 11

    Thats a strange and unfortunate working relationship you have there.

    As an ICU nurse, I love my RTs. A few of them are my golfing buddies.

  • Jan 11

    I actually requested to observe an RRT during my last clinical rotation so I can observe their expertise.

    I've never observed anything but good rapports between the nurses and the RRTs at all the rotations I was at.

    Not sure what you're hoping to accomplish here. However, you're targeting the wrong people. We are not the nurses you've been working with.

  • Jan 11
  • Jan 11

    I love the RTs I work with and rely heavily on their advice. I also make it a point to talk to them before I call a doctor for almost anything respiratory-related. I'm sorry that your working relationships are not more positive.

  • Jan 11

    Feel better now?

  • Jan 11

    To the OP:
    I was in a sort of MA/secretary role at a very busy clinic for a few years before I became a nurse. I was attached to the phone (wore a headset) and was also accessible to patients as they came into and left the office as my work station was in the middle of everything. I dealt with the same variety of people you describe, and I wasn't responsible for giving RN advice -- I would just relay the advice the docs or LPN told me. That job was STRESSFUL!!!!! That said, I developed this persona at that office (and it followed me) of being a great problem solver who is able to de-escalate patient's anxiety. I don't know if maybe you can re-frame your perspective of yourself in this way? But advice nurses ARE so important and can be SUCH a balm to a confused, sick, anxious patient or parent of a patient. What you are doing can have a great impact on the people you talk to. Somehow you need to be able to separate yourself from their stress (your own job is stressful enough), so that you can leave the stress of your job at work, where it belongs. Maybe others have some good ideas how to do that. My only suggestions are 1) try to view yourself as an amazing problem solver/advocate/educator/triag-er that you are and 2) make sure you are taking every break you can --take care of yourself.

  • Jan 7

    My job only values the fact that I have a pulse, an active license, and a desire to pick up shifts. But I know that if I mess up, even once, they would have no reservations about cutting me loose. If they really valued any employee they would attempt to improve these sh*t staffing ratios, but since facilities and hospitals are run by business people in nice suits with no conscience, they try and squeeze every bit of work they can get out of anyone. It's all about the green, merciless god (money).

  • Jan 7

    Quote from DeeAngel
    The kinds of jobs you describe will go away literally overnight if there is a significant economic downturn, there is no job security really. Nurses, however are working during economic downturns because they are legally required to be there. You need to decide if you want money or security because the two no longer go hand in hand unless you own your own company.
    Nursing doesn't guarantee job security. Sure, nurses are required, but that doesn't mean facilities won't decide not to post vacant positions to be filled, increase patient ratios, force nurses to take on more and more non-nursing duties, or what have you. Nursing may not disappear when the economy suffers, but it still suffers. The other hospital in town recently furloughed about 10% of its staff. They certainly didn't have job security.

  • Jan 7

    Quote from brownbook
    .. If money is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive

    Who cares that much about money? All I'm ever reminded of is the Star Wars quote.

    I grew up in a very financially comfortable well to do family. Not so rich it was a "big deal" to us, but very comfortable life style. My parents were miserable, and all us "kids" are pretty miserable as adults!

    I never strove for riches. Give me poor but happy over rich but miserable any day! Yeah, I'm being a little sarcastic, unrealistic. I do need enough to put a roof over our heads, food on the table, etc.

    Since we live modest comfortable life styles we are very comfortably off financially even with our "poorly" paid jobs. My husband was a social worker, (also a traditionally female job).
    With his MSW and advanced certification, being bilingual, working 40 hours a week, I made more money than him working 32 hours a week with my ASN degree!
    So was your family "miserable" because of their affluence or in spite of it?

    It's interesting to me that there seems to be this idea pervasive in society that because money can't buy happiness, it means that one cannot have money and be happy.

    I've been rich and I've been poor, and I can state categorically that while money can't buy happiness, it can buy decent access to health care, ability to help those less fortunate, and a good night's sleep not worrying how one is going to put food on the table or provide a decent education and future for one's children. It can buy experiences like world travel, advanced education, and a solid retirement, and perhaps help for one's descendants down the line.

    There is nothing wrong with having money-it's how you handle it or go about getting it which can be the problem.

    I believe nurses are underpaid and underappreciated as a general observation. Of course there are outliers; some here have spoken of pretty big salaries they are paid as nurses (generally not bedside nurses unless they are working ungodly hours or all the worst shifts). And as with anything, it's all relative. Even the most poorly paid RN is still rich in comparison with many people living in this big world of ours.

  • Jan 7

    It's a bit disparaging when the chiefs of any particular company are making million dollar salaries with quarter million dollar bonuses, and there will never be any vacancies within upper management. When they continue to make promises they can't keep and betray their employees' trust, employees take a hit to their self-worth, and performance declines.

  • Jan 6

    I would only take a pay cut if being unemployed were the only other option.

  • Jan 6

    This is exactly why my organization automatically provides Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for staff involved in any sort of unexpected events. Cumulative PTSD is a thing... it affects health care providers, especially those of us who work in high-intensity areas. Please don't be afraid to seek qualified help. Your colleagues who are so proud of their stoicism may actually be suffering the effects of PTSD/burnout.

    If you don't care for yourself, you wont be able to care for others. ((((((((HUGS))))))))