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    when is the next exam? i would like to try it! hope to hear from you guys. thanks!

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    i used the same 3rd edition of saunders. i passed the exam just last year. start studying, answer as much sample question as you can and pray. good luck!

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    hi, got the same thing. pass letter and the certificate. the pocket card is a bit funny. hehhe.. they just printed what's on the website. oh well, its better than no license at all.

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    hi, i would like to hear your stories. what are the challenges in being the school nurse? is this a great career? thanks.

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    I have worked as a customer service rep.

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    check the library often.

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    no! i hate it when my father bought motorbikes for my brothers. it's like a ticking bomb.

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    keep the faith!!!

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    i availed their services because during that time i am still working and had no one to asked to. it was also during that time that vt updated the forms they are using. luckily, i didn't send my docs using the old form. i didn't mind paying the extra fees as long as i can concentrate on studying and they will process it for me.

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    Quote from nursemich
    Hello i would like to invite those who passed the NCLEX but without Review Centers. Please share your experiences, strategies and methods of study to inspire and motivate those future nurses like me who will take the NCLEX by self review. Please take time to answer the following questions:

    1. What are the materials that you used?
    - saunders, frye's nursing bullets, lacharity and for practice tests, i used saunder's cd, davis's nclex rn, kaplan cd, the nclex3500 link. i started out answering 20-25 questions everyday and increased the number of items as i go along. on my last month, i answered 75-100 questions everyday.

    2. How many hours per day did you study? how many questions did u answer per day?
    - i am studying almost the whole time but the thing is if i can't absorb anything anymore i stop sing my heart out while i play solitaire. i think it helped me a lot to calm myself and think as fast as i can using solitaire. hehe..

    3. How many days or months in total you studied before taking the exam?
    - 4 months reading everyday and 1 month for taking practice test only then 3 days before the exam i stopped doing everything. i just watched tv, sleep and relax as much as i can.

    4. What are the specific strategies that you used or the the test taking skills you applied during the exam?
    - test taking strategies? actually, none. just read your books everyday, pray and tell yourself everyday that you can do it. on the day of the exam think but don't over analyze stuff.

    5. Take one or take two?
    - luckily, take one!

    Thank you.. This will be a great help for us...
    good luck to you!!!

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    dls-sti batch 07

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    dls-sti college batch 07

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    hi everyone, i am trying to save money as early as now and i just would like to know how much is the license renewal fee? thanks!

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    What website did you see your name? If it is on the website and has a license issued then that is proof that you passed
    i got the letter today! yay! confirmed! i passed!