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    That was a very polite way to tell you to take your conspiracy theories somewhere else!

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    I heard a resident once say she felt like a mechanic for people who didn't take care of their cars!

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    my recent favorite was an excellent young nurse who needed to get a urine culture from a patient with a catheter. This particular unit has a foley cath in a patient about once a decade so she had never had any experience with them.
    She thought it would be a good idea to get a specimen from that nice handy port on the side of the catheter instead of the one on the tubing ----
    yep got all that water out of the balloon and out came the catheter!
    She immediately realized the error and was so upset that I was able to not laugh until later. It all turned out fine as the docs decided to just leave it out.

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    there is a difference between being overweight - in fact I have seen a number of articles lately on people who are "fat AND fit" but the morbidly obese do not have a place in nursing. If you can't walk up and down the halls without becoming so short of breath you need to stop and recover then you cannot effectively care for your patients. there is also the issue of small areas to squeeze into to give whatever care your patient needs as well as the need on many occassions to kneel and bend. I am not talking just "fat" here but the 350+ group who are basically disabled by their size.

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    I managed a nurse (not my hire) was was morbidly obese I mean over 400lbs. she could barely walk down the hall without gasping for breath. If an emergency occurred she was unable to help effectively If you are this overweight I would discourage you from being a nurse - not safe for you or your patients. I also had to deal to with complaints from other staff about her hygiene - which I am very sure was difficult as my director pointed out she was unable to fit in a bath tub or shower.
    I am not saying you are a bad person or anything about your character - simply that being morbidly obese is not compatible with safe nursing.

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    Wow! how awful to that You hate your job! I think I may have run into you when my son was in the ICU earlier this year though!
    Find another job - in nursing or out - you are not doing yourself or any patients you care for any good when you don't care. you are in danger of doing something or not doing something that will end up costing you your license - and maybe end someone's life.
    There is no perfect nursing job - or any job in the medical field. I once heard a resident say "I feel like a mechanic for people who don't take care of their cars" there are those patients but then there are those who have followed medical advice and still end up with life threatening illnesses.
    think about pediatrics - the kids generally haven't done anything that brought on their illnesses and peds tends to be a happy place because the huge majority of them get better.
    First take care of yourself though - see your doctor and make use of your hospital's employee assistance program for some counseling.
    Blessings to you - you should be able to feel good about what you do as a nurse - at least most of the time. There is a sign posted where I work "To love what you do and know it makes a difference - nothing can be better" Hope this is true for you soon.

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    Dont know where you are from but you can't get a face to face in any hospital I know. it is all on line applications. Then they are looked at by recruiters and very slowly funneled to the managers - then we look through them and decide who we want to interview. It is a very slow process. Knowing someone who can send an email to the recruiter or a manager might help but it won't get you a face to face until all the BS is completed!

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    i know the same is true in the midwest. I saw an email from a new grad who had applied for 65 different positions and hadn't even received an interview.
    One issue is if you have anything but a BSN don't bother to apply to magnet hospitals. they have a quota to meet for bedside nurses with BSNs -
    We have a plethora of nursing schools in my city and the grads are having problems getting jobs. Being a PCA at a hospital is usually a good way to get hired. It makes your transition to nursing much easier as well. This won't work though if it is a matter of what degree you have.

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    35 years as a nurse
    Never personally have known a nurse who was sued
    worked in hospital settings entire career

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    Need more information in order to give you an answer. The fact the other MD and the pharmacist said it was OK should mean it was OK unless this particular MD is such a jerk they are afraid of him/her. The main thing is to understand what is wrong with the patient and the reason the med is ordered and what it might do if it was too high of a dose.

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    I have also heard of babies named Deladumoan when it was given for non-lactating women.
    The Nosmosking - is NO SMOKING - likely seen in the delivery room
    I have always heard there were twins - lemonjello and orangejello

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    Cash Money Moore
    Mister (first name)
    Foxy Lady

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    Ok, here are a few from peds.
    My baby had a temp of 113. (hon, did you take that with a meat thermometer?)
    Vomicking and running off?
    She hasn't come on. (young adolescent they thought was pregnant)
    Chapped lips x7 - every single kid in the family
    Wnat to know if this is chicken pox - yes it is - well she needs to be seen by the doctor
    Fever - did you give Tylenol - no I wanted to make sure you saw it.
    Is the baby on any medication?
    Just that Pedi delight.
    How old is the baby?
    She must be 9 days old - she will be two weeks old tommorrow! (and what planet are you living on?)
    I could go on.................

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    The point seems to be just because we can do something to save someone doesn't mean we always should.
    Could we put a little thought into it?
    The highest medical costs are now in the last 3 weeks of life in many cases. We do a lousy job explaining outcomes of illness to people. Plus people have come to believe there is a 'fix' for everything!