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  • Mar 21

    You passed...that's what's important.

    Don't compare yourselves to their's a losing game of anxiety and stress.

    My sister was told she's never be a nurse....average grades. She's now a powerhouse in nursing.

    My cousin did just ok on tests, at or below average. She now teaches the medical residents in a big city ER.

    No test result ever made anyone a better nurse.

  • Dec 29 '17

    Quote from agreer2
    I think it is a good thing that people display such spirituality in such a field. I think it is God and God alone.

    I need some Zofran.

  • Dec 29 '17

    At risk of being barraged with hate mail, I offer the following;

    First , if prayer makes you, or someone else, feel better then by all means do it. After all, prayers can't hurt.

    But suggesting that praying for someone's recovery, from a remote location, can actually contribute to that recovery is magical thinking that undermines the integrity of the Western nursing profession.

    I wonder how many doctors maintain such beliefs?

    Prayer is hope, and hope is a good long as there's a reasonable chance. Otherwise, we end up prolonging suffering "waiting for miracles."

    People pray everyday for recoveries that never happen. Was it, then, just a matter of too few people praying or not praying loud enough?

    I will quickly be labeled a "nonbeliever" so that my perspective can be rendered irrelevant...just someone who either "doesn't get it" or is "a lost soul."

    You can be be either scientists or a witch doctors...but not both.