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  • Jan 14

    Problem is, 2 years in ICU are not enough to provide you the broad understanding and comfort when dealing with a wide range of emergency symptoms and presentations.

    And this "critical thinking" thing is not something that can be learned, contrary to what many nursing teachers believe.
    Critical thinking is simply experience and dedication to task.
    After five years or so, many things become easier because you've seen "it" before.
    What you once had to think hard about comes naturally. Nursing loves to use the "critical thinking" phrase, it makes us sound very special.
    Well, we are special, but it has nothing to do with our thought processes. That's just experience and focus.

  • Sep 5 '16

    Med surg. nursing can be a mad jungle...especially early on in one's career.

    But if your place is run such that even experienced nurses are often running around like hungry headless chickens with full bladders, then you need to get out there, anyway.
    Perhaps another's a tough call. You know you better than anyone here offering advice.

    Follow your gut...there's time to make're on the right track to question your comfort zone.

  • Mar 9 '16

    You should NOT become a nurse if... mind getting the body fluids of strangers on your clothes and shoes think you'll have "magic moments" on a regular basis cannot say "no" or prioritize tasks are unnerved by multiple people telling you to do multiple things at the same time think all your coworkers will be compassionate angels