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    Do you find yourself running from room to room looking for basic supplies? Draw sheets, chux, pillow cases? Obviously the housekeeper does not stock for the weekend night crew. So, back and forth I go looking for essential supplies. So the question I ask is, Are you given adequate supplies on a regular normal daily basis or are you running laps just to find the BASICS? I feel like a marathon runner looking for supplies. Ugh

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    I have a life outside of work --- Makes me sound like an addict, but I have a drink and a cigarette among other things in my arsenal outside of the hellhole of work - peace out

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    I just wonder if these poor nurses are now being double victimized by the hospital management for whatever excuse, blame job, justification or bad PR. I read somewhere that the hospitals official statement to the press had a comment with something along the lines of Please Respect The Nurses Right To Privacy --- in other words, the nurses were threatend by upper management about going to the press.

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    Quote from Regi64
    Had a patient admitted with stoma bleeding and inflammation. We eventually found out her husband liked the stomal sex... Yuck!
    The good old Philly Side Car --- with our society the way it is, Im surprised its not happening more often or that its not in porn -- but sooner or later, it will

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    Quote from xoemmylouox
    How about a family who had their special needs child chained to the bed at home (so they could collect his disabilty check). Child was taken away from said family and placed into protective custody/ inpatient for a displaced fx of the arm, aspiration pneumonia, and loss of weight. He was a full size 17 yr old who weighed 68#. Child ended up with sepsis and dying. Family demanded CPR be continued past the point of reason as he had to live (so they could continue to collect that check). Family then had the gall to try to sue the hospital for allowing their child to die. The family smelled like a barn and even with the door closed the smell creeped down the hall and wouldn't clear. We all loved that child. It was so heartbreaking as he put up such a good fight and deserved so much more. There is a special place in hell for those parents.. Worst part of all Dad is a Nurse!
    If the dad was a hospital administrator, then things are making more sense

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    also known as a philly side car --- ahh, working in corrections and juve has enriched my feeling about humanity

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    One of the unit secretaries we used to have was a very beautiful young lady. She was thoughtful most of the time and polite, but an airhead and very unenlightened. She did not know or had no clue as to why I could not answer the phone. Mind you, this is a busy Med/Surg/Oncology unit with intentional short staffing. Here I am fist deep inside a patients rectum disimpacting them with a river of semi-solid C-Diff deliciousness all around me, and the unit secretary wants me to take a call NOW.


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    After having read yet another RN/LPN vs CNA story, I got to thinking what are the good experiences we have had with our assistive personnel.
    I think the positive experiences outweigh the bad and truth be told, I have had more positive experiences with the CNA staff than bad.

    1. There is a night shift CNA I work with who goes above and beyond to help the patients, the nurses and the families with almost everything. The little things he does make a big difference, suck as making sure toiletries are provided upon admission, the bed linens are folded down and the patient handbook is ready. He communicates with me with abnormal vitals and behavior changes. He knows he is not Superman; asks me for help when he needs it.

    2. A female CNA on dayshift is very optimistic and joyful regardless of what life has to hand her and what she faces at work each day. I pray to God, I will one day have her zest for life and optimism.

    3. Another night shift CNA looks like a gangster - I admit I was kinda scared of him for a while. But its all a front. He is a mouse and very dedicated to caring for his patients and working as a team. He does however curse like a sailor at the nurses station, but I do the same thing, So I don't care about that.

    What contributions do you see in your CNA staff?

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    Quote from noyesno
    Seems less than professional to me.

    It's like that where I work. In the same "huddle" we were told, "it's been tough around here with the acuity so high," followed by, "don't forget to get your patient's family members that cup of coffee they asked for because they'll really remember it in their survey." Blow me. I'm I allowed to say that on Allnurses? Probably not but that's what I want to say to these people with all their grand ideas. Just keeping it real.
    You are my HERO!!!

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    Do you ever have those patients or family members who write down everything? Your Name, Your title, your care provided, etc.
    I get annoyed sometimes but If its a once in a while thing, I am okay. If its a repetitive everytime I go in the room thing, I get a little defensive.

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    This is something that is so dumb and so stupid, but I must confess this because it is eating me up inside.
    The other night at work (1800-0700), I was so massively busy I didnt have time to get my dinner from the cafeteria. I am a big boy, and I must eat something or I will feel light headed and dizzy. I went into a patients orders, made a food request, and then picked up the food from the tray line, and chowed down in the break room.
    Yes, I know it was dumb and wrong. I was very very hungry and I needed to eat.
    Thats all I have to say

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    So, In an effort to "control costs" the hospital has taken DRASTIC and UNSAFE steps to save money. Honest to God ( NO JOKE) a partial list of the new policies are listed below. There are three 20-bed units on my floor (all general Med/Surg) keep that in mind.

    - No more morning and evening shift unit secretary. Now secretary will be 12-hour shift from 9am-9pm. No more secretary on each unit. Now the secretary will spend 1 hour on each unit on the floor ("Rotating").

    - No more CNA for each unit. Now CNA will rotate between all three units 1 hour on each unit.

    - If a patient need to be a sitter, No more floating extra CNAs or calling in Registry CNAs. Now the CNA will be the sitter. If more than 1 patient is needed to be sitter, the sitter patients will be moved together. If patients needing sitter are ISOLATION and other are NON-ISOLATION, the new protocol is to co-hort the non-isolation "healthy" person with the isolation patient and make sure handwashing and infection control measures are followed. If 3 or more patients need to be sitters, the family conference room will be converted as a multi-bed ward for this purpose.

    - No more housekeeping on the units. CNA and RN staff will be preforming housekeeping duties in addition to patient care.

    - No more individual case managers per unit --- Now 1 case manager per entire floor.

    - 1 Team Leader per floor --- no more individual unit team leader per shift.

    Welcome to the new world order - Healthcare Nazi-ism! Enslaved and over worked staff ensure that higer ups can recieve their $5,000 bonus this year.

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    Was out of work for 3 months of medical leave/Stress leave. Returned full time on 10/26/12. All has been well up to last thursday when i was fired by a patient. No specifics were given to me by my TL, so I didnt think much of it.

    Cut to this past weekend (i was off work). Very intense vivid nightmares about being fired from my job, committing suicide at work, police escort off property, and a blur of other intense terrible and frightening emotions/thoughts.
    I know it sounds silly, but these dreams were so intense I woke up feeling briefly physically ill.
    What could this all mean?