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  • Mar 30 '17

    Years ago I had a patient who was born a female but was transitioning to become a male with sex reassignment and HRT. The wife was born a male and was likewise transitioning to become a female.

    My patient (the biological female) was incontinent. I had to clean his vagina. When time came to do that, I said that his vagina was messy from the poop.
    He Said thats my penis.
    It was confusing because he was a biogical woman but due to legal reasons we had to call him a MAN even though it was clear a day he was not a man.

  • Mar 3 '17

    Just the other day, I was verbally assaulted by a long term care patient. This guy is Hitler in a nutshell. Worst patient i have ever cared for in my entire career It was a BAD one too - Very loud, telling me to go reproduce myself, attempting to punch me, disrupting the unit, saying every 4-letter word and hate filled slur you could imagine being directed at me.
    Adrenaline rush kicks in. I have the advantage of being a 6'3" 250lb guy. Cut the crap sir.
    I was overjoyed when i came back from a weekend off to learn that this patient went to the CCU.
    Does that make me a bad person? No, I just means I am happy to see karma in action.

    He had told me on numerous occasions to go to hell. Now that he is in CCU, he is one step closer to the lake of fire than i am.

    I feel like champagne - its a beautiful day!