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    I too have never heard of a deposition being voluntary. I have had to provide a deposition, after review by both sides they decided t settle out of court. I, however, have always carried malpractice insurance - I do not wish to lose my house or have future wages garnished. And I always recommend it.

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    Seriously?!?!? Like we haven't seen enough over the years......How juvenile are some people?

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    RunnerNurse09, I would have agreed with you a few years ago about the majority of LEOs being "good people." But I have seen too much, both on the news and in my own community to feel that way anymore. When the "good cops" won't stand up to the bad cops, it makes them all bad, and until the "good cops" decide to stand up for what is right, they will get only minimal respect from me. They need to stand up for what is right, even with their co-workers. There were many chances in this incident for the others to stop Officer Payne - none of them were willing to do what was right.

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    I will not be happy unless that sorry excuse for a LEO loses his job and has to pay her a princely sum for his bad case of "short man syndrome" or whatever excuse is come up with for his behavior! Ridiculous! And after the bad behavior I have seen recently, I no longer trust any LEO.

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    Problem with giving each med individually with liquids becomes apparent with a resident with a fluid restriction, and you use up the entire day's allowed fluids in one med pass. Stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

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    People who write regulations should first have to work in the real world of a nurse on the floor. This is pure insanity, probably written so the surveyors can find yet another nit-picky reason to cite a facility and justify their job.

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    I caught a serious chemotherapy overdose sent from pharmacy (always do your own calculations!), med was not given, I doubt anything was ever done. Had I given it, it could have been life-threatening. How many people give what pharmacy sends without questioning....... We are all one med pass away from a serious incident - it can happen to anyone. No one can be "holier than thou."

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    Two "lost" licenses in 35 years - both narcotic diversion.....

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    You will have personality conflicts with instructors and with co-workers in your future, You need to figure out how to get along. I had an instructor that I had a personality conflict with (not dislike, just very different styles - is this perhaps what you are feeling?) and I got through her class by just doing my best. I have also had co-workers in my career that I had personality conflicts with (one who I dearly loved outside work but absolutely HATED working with.) You adjust and get along.

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    I perhaps have a slightly different perspective, as a nursing instructor and practicing NP. Facilities get to agree whether or not they will take students, and they can also refuse to allow certain instructors to come to the facility (ie "We will allow your students to do clinicals here but so-and-so instructor is not permitted here.") So if that instructor gets a "reputation," the problem will be taken care of. The facility knows what instructor was there when the incident happened, and they do NOT want problems (trust me on that.) However, I WILL say I cannot believe an instructor did not know how to insert a Foley catheter safely. Our instructors have to have two years' floor nursing experience before they are permitted to work in our program. That should not have happened.

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    Okay, the trach sucker is truly the grossest thing I have ever heard of, and the yeast is #2. My grossest story is the patient I had one night who dug herself out (BM) and proceeded to fingerpaint the wall above her bed with the feces. Took her all night, but she got the wall covered (everything she could reach. No we couldn't get her to stop.) And congratulations to the trach sucker story author, I have been a nurse for 35 years, and that one is a CLEAR winner!

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    Agree with the others - the hospital staff will handle it. The patient's nurse knows what happened, and the doctor is involved. The instructor was wrong, this is a learning experience for you. And yes, the balloon would be snug in the urethra. It sounds like the patient had an enlarged prostate, and needed a Coude catheter. Also, some facilities have standing orders to flush catheters, you may not have been aware if there was a standing order.

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    When I was going for my bachelor's degree, I had to work full time while going to school full time. As time went on, my grades got worse and worse, because I got tired. When I applied to my Master's program, they did not want to let me in because my grades dropped every year and "my GRE scores did not correlate with my previous GPA." But I persisted and they let me in "conditionally." I graduated still on "conditional" status with a 3.8 GPA. You also may be able to get them to let you in "conditionally" and show them what you can do! Good luck!!!

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    One thing I will say for advice is that if you have worked in health care, DO NOT overthink the questions. Answer specifically what is asked. Do NOT go "yes, but what about..." or "yes, but what if..." Just answer the question as best you can. Too often people overthink the questions and mess themselves up. And good luck!!!

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    I like questions from my students unless I feel like they are asking to try to get me to do their work for them (depends on the student, in other words.) If it's something they should know (been already covered) I will try to get them to think and tell me. We give one clinical make-up free, then we charge (to partially cover the instructor's pay.) We used to have some students call off every nice day that there was a clinical until we started charging for make-ups.