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Joined Dec 15, '06 - from 'Las Vegas, NV'. dancechica is a Agency nurse, student. She has '7' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Weight loss, geriatric/SNF, Rehab'. Posts: 26 (27% Liked) Likes: 8

Got my LVN at Concorde Career College in Garden Grove, CA in 2008, then worked for a year in Orange County. Moved to St. Louis and worked in a SNF for 4 years before starting the BSN program at Chamberlain. Transferred to the new Chamberlain campus in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2016 and will graduate in June 2017.

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Agency nurse, student
Las Vegas, NV
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Weight loss, geriatric/SNF, Rehab
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7 years
dancing, traveling
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