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  • Jul 20 '17

    More than anything else, understand what a differential diagnosis is. This was something that tripped up many of my colleagues, regardless of years of RN experience. This is a new skill set for RNs. Pathology, physical diagnosis, pharmacology...these are not conceptually different (just different in terms of breadth and depth at our new level). Learning to make a differential, then narrow it down based on history, signs and symptoms, labs, is a new thing. Having it clear at a conceptual level will serve you well in NP school.

  • Jun 8 '17

    Step 1 review materials...Golgian, etc. Look on amazon. "Rapid Review" got me through pathophys. Look up the topic, and boom there you have a nice outline form all the s/s, tx, labs, etc.

    I picked up this suggestion way back from a MD poster who used to troll the boards. I honestly don't know if the suggestion was sincere or some NP joke I didn't get, but the advice was golden. Plus, the thing is wayyy cheaper that any of the required texts.

    I got First Aid too, but it was not as useful as Golgian (of course, I was not using it for it's intended purpose, i.e. to prepare a med student for their first boards).