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  • May 1

    As a rehab nurse, I'd like to thank you for highlighting our specialty.

  • Oct 17 '15

    I tried them on and I love them! I looked at the professional style, as we need to wear all white, closed heel for school, but... they were so comfy compared to anything else I tried on. I've found them online @ 15% off of the store prices around here, and ... think I'll splurge a bit when I get my financial aid checks. Anyone know of any others comparable to dansko in comfort that might be a little less than $100?


  • Aug 17 '15

    Can you ask to see their standards of practice so you can 'prep' before you start? Our standards discuss bowel programs, turns, skin care, patient education needs, etc. We're an acute inpatient rehab - has good info too and CAT tests that you can take (for free) that can help guide you to some of the expectations of a rehab nurse