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  • Feb 20

    I am getting ready to take it and was under the impression is was 2 parts...basic math and algebra. I see a section on my form called College Leval Math and it was checked by my counselor, but I think when I was enquiring about CLEP I asked her to write that on form and she checked that box in error. Did any of you take a 3 part test including some trig, quadratics, etc.?!

    My question is does the test start with basic and then move into algebra or does it start with algebra and then go back to basic math or forward to college math?! I'm concerned because I haven't studied trig, functions, etc. because I didn't think they would be on test. HELP!! LOL Just looking to see what all of you ran into if you took the test. Thanks bunches!!!!! :redpinkhe

  • Sep 24 '16

    I have no problem with people going into nursing for a stable job and a good paycheck as long as they provide quality and compassionate care as well.