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  • Sep 24

    I have no problem with people going into nursing for a stable job and a good paycheck as long as they provide quality and compassionate care as well.

  • Dec 2 '15

    I don't see it as being one way or the other. You can care about patients AND want to make a good living. We work very hard and I don't think we are paid enough for all we do. I don't like the mindset that just because we help people for a living that we shouldn't be interested in the money.

  • Nov 29 '15

    I never even knew before coming to this site that people were given food while waiting or that they could request meals for themselves or their families. Unless this is a medical necessity I think it's absurd.

    I broke two bones in my foot years ago and was very lucky that I didn't need surgery. I went in very quietly and gave my info to the triage nurse. She came from behind the desk to look at my foot and said she could feel the heat coming off of it. She gave me an ice pack to put on it. Someone else got up and complained that they didn't get ice too. I was floored. Nurse was more than polite in her response.

    The nurse said she thought my foot might be broken and started to giggle, but not unkindly. I asked why she thought this. She said it was because the ones that were polite and didn't complain were usually the ones that were truly hurt or sick. I never forgot that and after reading here I understand it better.