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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you when it is time for an assessment or for treatments or for meds. When a member of the Royal Family is admitted to a unit he/she is accompanied by a minimum of 3 and up to 14 servants. This includes a private nurse. You will get to know this nurse well because you do not administer the meds, but... Read More →

How to Command Respect

by Jane Delveaux, RN In an article published in 2007 by the Green Bay Press Gazette, attention was brought to a problem that doesn't seen to want to go away. Nurses continue to struggle with their working relationships with physicians and continue to identify physician abuse of nurses as a significant issue in the workplace. How do nurses respond when they find themselves in the disfavor of a physician? What can nurses do to command the respect of the physicians that they work with?... Read More →

The Truth About Nurse Recruiters - Bonus or Bogus

Employment advertisements are flooding our newspapers, newsletters, nursing journals, e-mails and even our private mail. The ads seem to be saying that the employer can make all our dreams come true. How can I tell which job is really the best for me? Every ad claims that the employer has the best working conditions; the best staffing ratio; the best educational program; the best flexibility; the best benefit package; the best pay; etc; etc; and above all offers the best sign-on bonus. If... Read More →

Health Care Relief - The Best Kept Secret

Just what is being done to support our nurses in the workplace? Is there something more to the story that we are not hearing? While attention has been focused on problems associated with the national nursing shortages, little has been said about the impact that the Medical Staffing Industry has had on the safe delivery of health care across the nation. This is an Industry that in the 1980s stepped in with Supplemental Staffing Services and began to offer and provide ever increasing... Read More →

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