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    to the RN who was offered 10-15 bucks per visit doing home health...i would turn that down. i am an lpn in florida and to do wound care, diabetic visits, cardio/pulmo evals etc... i get 22.00 per visit. so i would keep looking if i was you. just saying......

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    i had a very similar experiance at a facility that i started at over the weekend. it is a psyche facility and he wanted to give all 7-3 meds at 830 am so he could sit and study or read the rest of the day. i refused to do it and insisted on the second med pass, but then when trying to find a person that he couldnt find in the am for meds, he wanted to give the patient her am meds with her afternoon meds.... signed off on all treatments and said that no one ever does them.... and all tubes of creams and whatnot were untouched in the drawers but signed off on. during the second med pass, i couldnt take it anymore... i told him to finish the pass and i started to leave.... i ended up finishing the shift, but i made a report and i quit the job after 2 days of working... i told them all the details and said that i couldnt work like that. i didnt feel my license was safe... they said that they would watch him, but he knows he is in trouble now and will of course be on his best behavior. apparently there have been several nurses practicing that what at the facility. what a terrible experience. i cant believe nurses can be that clueless about meds and their effects on patients.... this is a life or death issue for the patients if you ask me

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    you just have to know what it means to be bipolar and respect the disease, admit you have it and do what you have to do to cope with things. i have it and it has not held me back at all. i think that i can relate to some of my patients better and give them someone to identify with. so, work it to your advantage.

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    many agencies offer benefits now. it is becoming more and more common. keep looking for one that does.

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    if you arent bipolar before you start nursing, you will be by the time you have been a nurse for a few years.... lol.. you get pulled in so many different directions at once.... seriously, it will not keep you from becoming a nurse. i know several.

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    i do home care and i love it. I do medicare visits where i am in the patients home for about one hour doing wound care, cardiovascular checks, catheter care/changes. I see anywhere from 4 to 8 patients per day. i can decide how much i want to work or not work. some agencies offer benefits and some dont. you will have to look around for that. they also have shifts at nursing homes, hospitals, doctors offices and the county jail. the county jail was the easiest job i have ever done, but i cannot do the 12 hour shifts here because of my child care issues. but other than that, i make my own schedules..

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    i dont even remember getting results mailed to me. i found out online. i paid 7.95 to find out early(3 days after testing). the waiting was making me sick. when i got my results (pass) i cried for 3 hours. felt like a huge weight of the whole past year lifted right off of my shoulders. good luck everyone

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    I do medicare visits for a nursing agency in Florida and i get 26.00 per visit and get between 6 and 8 visits daily. The visits last between 30-60 minutes. This job rocks.

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    thank you for putting this out there... however, may i add that you should definately have the utmost trust for the people you vent to. things can get misconstrued and back to the wrong people. this can result in losing your job and being labeled as a "disgruntled employee". this happened to me very recently. i loved my job.... absolutely LOVED it, but there were a few things that we vented about. this got back to the wrong people in the wrong context and now i do not have my position any longer. so while venting is good and definately necessary, just be very careful.

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    I say that I am "a nurse". if asked to specify, then i will. I was previously a medical assistant in a physicians office. Even though the doctors refered to us as their nurses, we could not call ourselves nurses. it is against the law. you must hold a valid NURSING license to refer to yourself as a nurse whether it is a LPN or RN. one thing that i did learn in nursing school that is very true is that "nurses eat their young" older nurses really will put you thru the paces and you have to earn their respect. sad but true.

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