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To Hell and Back: Demons of ICU Past

Teresa, a woman in her 40's, a wife and mother of two young boys, felt tightness around her chest as she suddenly woke up from sleep. She was breathing heavily and bathing in a pool of sweat as she clasped her arms over her chest. She was having nightmares again. In the dark and troubling dream she was having, she was being tortured by men and women in light blue outfits. They were laughing at her, taunting her while she lay helpless in the middle of a dark alley. They were trying to suffocate... Read More →

"A Case of Bad Blood"

CJ is a 65-year old female who tripped and fell inside her home landing on her right side. She felt immediate excruciating pain in her R hip and couldn't manage to get herself off the floor. Fortunately, she had a mobile phone in her housecoat pocket and she was able to call her son who arrived in her home within ten minutes. She was taken by ambulance to the ED where an x-ray revealed that she had sustained a hip fracture. CJ is otherwise healthy aside from a medical history that is notable... Read More →

Case Study: Fever

The following is a case involving a young male who presents with fever associated with respiratory symptoms. This is based on a real case. The events leading to his hospitalization and his course in the hospital will be portrayed in an attempt to stimulate discussion on ways to approach his care not only from a nursing standpoint but also to understand the complexity of his care from the perspective of other disciplines who will be involved in his care particularly his medical management. ... Read More →

Solve A Neurologic Mystery

Solve this neurologic mystery: RS is a 70 year old, lady who lives independently in a first floor apartment in the city. She has no close relatives but has neighbors who know her very well and check in on her from time to time. She hires a cleaning lady that does her house cleaning and laundry every week. Her nearest relative is a niece who lives in the same state but is 8 hours away by car. Her medical history includes anxiety disorder, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, COPD, and mild kidney... Read More →

ARDS: Should we be prone to prone?

The buzz in critical care circles these days is the recent publication of the results of the PROSEVA Study Group in the New England Journal of Medicine. This European study begs to answer the question long-debated by critical care professionals over the years - is there a benefit to prone positioning in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)? Prior to the release of the PROSEVA results, trials that tested this hypothesis have failed to show a beneficial effect on patient outcomes. Before... Read More →

Whose Consensus Is It Anyway?

Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN) as we know it arose out of the trailblazing efforts of nurses from four separate nursing specialties whose individual histories were shaped by a common thread: to answer the call to deliver a high level of healthcare to individuals and groups in an area of clinical practice where a need for such level of healthcare existed. The APRN movement, a testament to American innovation, has been copied in many parts of the globe though not always in its... Read More →

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): My Personal Pro's and Con's

The Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP degree has been one of the biggest buzzwords in Advanced Practice Nursing. The mere mention of it creates a stir of emotions and strong opposing opinions perhaps of the same magnitude as the liberal versus conservative views prevalent in our current political climate. Unlike nursing buzzwords that come and go depending on what is en vogue at the moment, current Advanced Practice Nurses (APN's) who hold stronger feelings of opposition rather than agreement... Read More →

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