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    Hey all Looking for a Nurse researcher or clinical research nurse to do a short email/interview regarding basics including role, institutional support for my MSN program... Is any one available please ? it will quick and painless I promise :-)

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    I am a new graduate who has recently been told that my critical thinking skills are not developing fast enough and I am at risk for loosing my job if they do not improve. I am about 2 mths into the 5mth new grad program. I respect my "old dog" preceptors who have seen fit to essentially leave me own my own, they satallite in my general area and I report to them what we have, what Ive done what I plan to do ect. Rarely are they by my side but are not far away if I need them.
    I have been complimented by them ,the MD'S, the charge nurses & my patients(who dont know I am a new RN). The problem... when It comes to progress meetings I am told my preceptors feel like they cannot leave me alone and that Im not 'where they would like me to be". I am confused... I openly welcome constructive criticism, want to learn...
    I was under the impression I was doing well, and untill the meeting I have not been given reason to think otherwise... any tips or suggestions on how to procede successfully would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    The new grad ED program I am in is for 6 months...36hrs floor time & 4hrs class a week.. we also rotate to pedi ER and ICU for a short time. We are a high volume/level 3 trauma ctr. I cant imagine going thru such a shorter program... no wonder you have extended your time. Keep at it... dont give up.. you have made it this far.

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    28.00 in Mass.