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    Well,I retired 2 1/2 years ago but, too much time with a retired husband pressed me into returning to a limited nursing career.Having lonago saying a hail farewell to hospital nursing, I spent 20 plus years in HOME Care.Too many years on call ( oncall 7 days aweek/24/hrs/day every other week for 5 years) , too many hours on back country roads at nite, and a slightly askew "Yankee" attitude after moving to the "South" caused the retirement.Now I'm doing private duty and hand picking those cases.Also starting to do physical exams for insurance policies.It provides money-alittle- for very little stress! The attitude has changed in nursing - and I don't know when it happened? Job stress is trickling down to the patients', the last ones we want to feel it, and the nurses don't seem to care. I want the doctors to give us more respect, and the big and small hospitals to pay us a living wage! No, I don't assist with brain surgery, but what everyone of us do is just as important------but not so profitable for the institutions. I want us to support each other, not to join the lions who chew up our spirits until, we are moved to change nursing fields.I haven't worked longer than 5 years for any one agency/hospital/agency------I just moved on rather than bang my head against a wall of indiference.There's always someone to replace you-----and become you within 2 years! Where are we? Now 56 years old and no longer wanting a "challenge"