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  • Aug 13 '16

    I'd highly recommend psyche nursing. It's what I do. It's my second career too. There's a LOT of counseling, exploration, behavior mod involved in psyche. I started out wanting to do counseling. After a few years nursing, I discovered that I really enjoy the med-surg part of my job as well. Being good at the med/surg part also builds trust with your patients. They will actually come to me for counseling because they like the way I did a dressing change or explained their meds or assessed something that got them the treatment they sought, etc. It's time consuming and sometimes frustrating when I'm slammed. But ultimately it's very rewarding.

    Just being able to listen patiently, like counselors do, is unbelievably therapeutic in almost any facet of medicine you go into. And should you ever need to, you have other skills to fall back on. When cutbacks hit (they will). That's comforting.

    Good luck! We need you!