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  • Dec 20 '16

    Those stories are SO funny because they are SO believable...Sometimes I think we have to be contortionists to work in labor and delivery! Although no one in delivery (to date, that is), has grabbed my boobs, I have had at LEAST 2 patients grab the stethescope around my neck and squeeze. On one occasion we were in the delivery room and the doc insisted the pt let go of the nurse(me) or he was leaving the room! (I'm wondering how long I have in my hypoxic state and HE hasn't figured out that he should assist and help me out...) Great stories and they WERE funny. Never was truly injured until I landed in delivery. Since then I have been beaten and stabbed by patients ( when you are new NEVER do a fundal check on a fresh section who has a nail file in the other hand). I still have that mark on my arm...Ahh, and maternity is SUCH a cheerful place!