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Forgetful Nurses and Older Moments

:Forgetful Moments and Older Nurses… Getting older in nursing is just like getting older in real life. Sometimes it’s worse. It can be worse because not only are you charged with caring for older people and their physical, emotional and psychological changes; you are tasked with dealing with some of the same issues WHILE caring for others. The other night I drew some blood from a patient with routine orders post partum. Read More →

Pickels and Elbows...

Pickels and elbows…. “Get the hell out of my room!” That, more often than not, was the greeting I received from my ornery elderly patient David. He was so angry that I could literally feel the hatred seething from him. Unfortunately for me, David was my patient and I was the newest nurse on the unit. That meant I was usually assigned to him, and it didn’t matter that I preferred not to be. I had to figure out some way to reach him. Thus far, I was failing miserably in the attempt. Had I... Read More →

She - A Sexual Assault Story

Sexual assault is never prejudiced. Sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of color or creed. Sexual assault can even happen to nurses even though we think we are immune. I have had the extreme honor of sharing this piece with several SANE nurses and participants and it is my hope someone here can benefit from these words. She. She used to recount the episode by zealously insisting that she was nearly overtaken in his car following a failed first date. She used to say that if... Read More →

Along A Jetty - One Nurses Walk Through Parental Diagnosis And Death

Caravanning single file over a roughly hewn stone breakwater, mom, dad and I embark on a journey in my dreams. Unaffected by the waves slapping against the sides in a timeless hypnotic rhythm, we continue onward on some mysterious journey my mind has chosen to make me aware we must absolutely take. I am warm. I am content. I am happy. What I am NOT, is afraid. In serpentine-like slow motion, we follow dad into vignette shadows of dusk on a winding path atop the breakwater... Read More →

Time for a Gentle Exam

There are no classes on how to deal with doctors. At least, there weren't any when I was starting out in nursing. What follows is a true account of my relationship over many years, with one such physician and when he retired, we both finally figured out just how special we had been to each other all along the way. Time for a Gentle Exam Just over twenty years ago one icy February morning, a frightened young woman trudged ominously into the office of a local doctor, knowing... Read More →

The Sweet Old Man in Room 724...

One can forever discuss the unmistakable magnificence of mountains or sunsets, or millions of other unforgettable miraculous occurrences. So many moments we take for granted, assuming other such moments will follow with scarcely a thought as to how fleeting they really are...Life is not a promise, but a gift...Not everyone can "see" the subtle nuances we are so fortunate to experience as time carries on. Vast sky, awash in color in early gray dawn; vivid palettes of rich oranges and pinks... Read More →

Tips On How To Transition From Studentnursworld To Realnurseworld

It is a tempestuous, terrifying and terrific journey from the perils and excitement of "Studentnurseworld" to "Realnurseworld". What follows are just a couple of things I learned along the way..... Tips On The Transition from Studentnursewold to Realnurseworld Almost thirty years following the nerve wracking September morning I entered nursing school, I am often reminded of the first lecture and introduction. That’s because it was the day I knew I wouldn’t quit whatever the... Read More →

I Hear Singing And There's No One There

Ive been a bonafide nurse since 1981. So say my credentials. But, I'm not certain we ever "become" nurses the day we graduate or receive our licences. I believe we are nurses in flux the span of our careers. I know that I was supremely tested as a nurse when my dad became sick and then eventually died. It reminds me of the query "what came first, the chicken or the egg." Do you become a good nurse because of your life experience, or does your life experience make you a good nurse? :cry: :nurse:... Read More →

Some Kind of Friendship

Not long after that initial orientation and introduction to nursing school, the staff gets down to brass tacks. That is, in my day (which I cannot believe I am old enough and learned enough to admit to), we were warned not to become emotionally involved with patients or families. It wasn't professional. It wasn't healthy. It wasn't encouraged and it certainly was not expected of a "professional" nurse. I probably lasted six months. Here is a true account of a patient I met (and was destined to... Read More →

I Hate You - Heart Attack! Never Assume A Nurse Knows Everything.

Barely six weeks following the birth of our first child, my husband had a heart attack. It was completely unexpected and occurred just before he was due to go out to sea. It was a scary time and I wrote this not long afterwards. All the tips you ever receive on the hows and whys patients and families react in the face of trauma can in NO way prepare you simply because you are a nurse.... I Hate You, Heart Attack... I hate you, heart attack. You robbed us of our lives together... Read More →

Caring For A Family Suffering A Fetal Demise

Sometimes the most difficult and poignant things we can do as OB nurses, is simply be there.... George and Martha Night time briskness slapped me in the face as I climbed in to my car for the familiar trek to work. It was my third scheduled night shift but only the first I had felt half way healthy enough to attend. I had called ahead to prepare myself for the pace of the unit, and was already exhausted at the prospect of a wild night. The evening nurse had sounded breathless and added... Read More →