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    I have an interview w/ University this week for a HUC position. I am currently a pre-nursing student at Miami U looking for a hospital position to get my foot in the door. Does anyone have any good info/advice about University for me? What about benefits, pay, tuition reimbursement, shift differentials, transfers, etc.?


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    I need some advice from fellow pre-nursing students on their plan of action for getting their rn. I graduated in 2003 from Miami of OH w/ a BA in Communications and am now going back there just to get started w/ pre-req courses (currently taking A&P - am done w/ all my electives). I work full time in a pretty demanding marketing position so aside from getting into a nursing program, another goal of mine is getting an entry-level position in a hospital for some initial experience and possible tuition assistance since I was denied a federal loan. So here's where I need your advice...

    1) Universities are SO expensive and my objective right now is to get the ADN and proceed from there. Can you suggest a good community college in the Cincinnati/Dayton/Middletown area for this? Anyone know of the Good Sam, Christ Hospital, Brown Mackie College programs?

    2) What's your advice on getting the CNA? Any idea where to do this in the Cincinnati area? What other suggestions do you have on certification needed for entry-level hospital positions?

    I guess I would just like to hear about everyone's plans in general. I am a non-traditional student so I think we're all in the same boat when we say we're looking for the most efficient route here considering our limited free time, financial assistance, etc.

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks, and good luck to you all!!!