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  • Oct 26 '16

    Quote from stellarjess
    My boss reamed me for calling in sick for my shift tonight. I had the flu last week (called in 2 shifts), felt better, went back to work, and now have a respiratory thing going on, so I called in. My thought process is, why put a sick nurse on the floor if there can be a replacement who is healthy and won't be coughing, fever, congestion, etc. all over the place.

    What would you do? I still think I did the right thing. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but now I feel guilty.
    Our facility is starting to dinge employees for calling in. So, if i'm sick, I'll be family had the swine and I got a point for it. Even though our medical director told us not to come to work sick..I laughed and thought whatever..Doesn't make much sense. But, hey, if they want me to come in and spread my be it..