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  • Jan 4

    Is she nuts? I deal with MRSA and VRE a lot where I work. Gowns and gloves are a must. If it's respiratory, then mask included. What this DON said needs to be documented. Not only is she putting staff at risk but the other pt's as well. Nursing 101, gloves and proper handwashing help to lessen the spread of disease from one pt to another. Humiliate the pt? WHat? How about a lawsuit for contraction of MRSA while in your care? (Not you personally)

    ANd I love the part where she stated, "You could stick you finger in the wound and then into your own eye." "OK....You first!" "Show me how it's done!"
    Lord have mercy! I can't believe it!
    I would have to report this. Sorry, but, it is clearly in violation of OSHA standards.

  • May 26 '15

    Quote from poppy07
    This "toxic" group of individuals kisses ass to the manager and director, and then bad mouths management when they're not around. Funny that these are the only people that have been there over a year or so... with the exception of a few old nurses that just don't chime in to their bullcrap.
    Take note on how the "older nurses" deal with their bull. Learn from it. Sweetie, don't let this get to you. Look for another place to work and move on. There are some units that just have toxic people in them. If management won't step up to the plate and do something about it( And believe me, they are aware of what is going on) then do you really want to work for a place like that? don't. You want a positive environment. The job is stressful enough. No need to put up with added BS while at work. Hold your head high, you went to school and this is what you are trained to do. You KNOW what you are doing. Don't let some idiot take your confidence away. You earned that! And, it's yours. No one CAN take that away from you. Now, start looking for a different place to work.