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  • May 11 '17

    Thank you for your article. When so often we are told that we should never shed tears, I agree that in certain settings and in certain situations, tears are an expression of caring and emotional support for the family. When a patient I have taken care of for a long time dies and I am the one who attends the death if the tears come, they come. This is esp. true of my pediatric hospice patients. Thank you for reinforcing that we can be effective nurses and human at the same time.

  • Apr 19 '17


    For what it's worth, our protocols for flushes were updated in 09 and for central lines not in daily use the protocol is to flush the lines with 5 ml NS followed by 5 ml 10 unit/ml heparin (except Groshongs , then no Hep) twice weekly and prn with meds (SASH). Of course yo know with a 10cc syringe! LOL Hope this helps. If you use a IV specialist nurse for midline/PICC placements she could probably get you a copy of the most recent INS approved protocols.

  • Feb 5 '17

    The only reason the hamburger was "forbidden" was because she was in a LTC facility. Had she been at home with hospice or in a hospice residential unit she could have had a hamburger or any other food item she desired.So sad that is not the case with all hospice patients regardless of setting.