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    I agree with moonflower.. Discuss the issue with your hiring manager. But if you think that getting your foot in the door is important- it may actually be worth it for a while- in most places after about 6 mos you can transfer- perhaps you could find a job with 3 12's then. Beyond that- in another 6 mos you'll have the year of acute experience most hospitals are looking for.. And then maybe somewhere closer to home? Otherwise the weekend thing might work. If you don't want the job though- definitely let the manager know ASAP. You don't want to burn any bridges...

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    It's a tough job, stressful in it's own way (case loads, meeting metrics, etc..). However, that said, on the plus side a mistake doesn't have the same degree of seriousness that you would find when working bedside-i.e no one dies. I find that many nurses that I work with work more than 8 hrs a day in order to meet the required # of cases.. But no weekends, no holidays. It's got it's good and bad. I am finding that in terms of job satifaction-I personally MISS working with pts. I don't know, just kinda feel like I'm pushing papers around a desk (virtually, lol) just like I did before becoming a nurse. Honestly, it's not my favorite job.