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    Quote from Farawyn
    They do. They are magic.
    On the fainter or the lice? Maybe we're on to something

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    Tell them they can have their ammonia inhalers when they stop ostracizing kids from school for a single nit.

    You'll need them for the increased incidence of fainting

    Honestly, I've never used one. Do they really work?

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    What do your state and school district allow to be dispensed without a provider's order and/or parental consent? Makes no sense to keep anything on hand in a classroom that might lead to compliance issues with the regulations that guide your practice as well as policy and procedure.

    Vinyl gloves. Soap. Water. Bandaids. Maybe individual packets of petroleum jelly.

    Anything else will probably cause more trouble than it's worth.

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    Re: other countries' immigration you know how easy it was for me to get into [insert Central American country here] last month? I literally walked up to the customs guy, handed him $10 and my passport. He asked me what I do for a living, not that it mattered much. He handed me my passport and my stamped tourist card back and said, "Welcome to our country." The tourist card had a space for passport number and nationality, neither of which did he bother to fill in. 90-day tourist cards and permanent residency are not the same thing, I get it. But try getting to the US that easily - and legally - from Mexico or Central America. They are way more generous to us than we are to them, and it's not like they have good reason to be. We have a lot of Mexican/Central American blood on our hands.[/QUOTE]

    I believe you are missing a simple and obvious point. The Central American country you visited didn't welcome you with open arms out of generosity. They warmly welcomed you because it was to their economic advantage to do so. They didn't check your profession or desired length of stay because it was all irrelevant to them. Regardless of your reason for visiting (business, personal, voluntourism, even nefarious activities), your visit left their country better off financially.

    The same can not be said for most crossing the borders into our country. That doesn't mean that we should refuse entry to all, but it does mean that we must be judicious in planning and pacing immigration so that we can absorb those who enter our country in a manner that betters their lives without overburdening our citizens and legal immigrants and visitors.

    You discuss the possibility of our citizens someday being financially disadvantaged and seeking refuge in other countries. I daresay that if/when Americans are perceived to be a financial detriment, your Central American welcome would be far less generous.

    I don't mean that as a slam on another nation. I fully understand there are necessary limitations in the care and protection of one's own citizens.

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    Quote from Tweety
    Other posters have disputed that 650 number. I mean seriously, if I heard that I would immediately "use an internet search engine" for some backup like I do with all outrageous claims.

    Thanks, Tweety. That is exactly what I did.

    Omaha News, Weather, & Sports | WOWT NBC Omaha | WOWT - Elections

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    Quote from libbyliberal
    Where did you hear that?
    171,109 people participated in the 2016 Iowa Democratic caucus. Some precincts ran out of ballots.
    I stand corrected. EACH of the major Democrat candidates managed to get approximately 700 votes in the Iowa Caucus. The actual total was 1406 votes statewide, with Martin O'Malley receiving 8, Bernie 697 and Hillary 701.

    The Democrat vote total fell short of the Republican last place finisher, Rick Santorum, who received 1783 votes.

    This information has been broadcast by local news outlets, but not to my knowledge, by national media. I find that curious.

    Omaha News, Weather, & Sports | WOWT NBC Omaha | WOWT - Elections

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    Quote from Tweety
    Some friends of mine that are Bernie fans are bitter about this, and some left wing press is reporting it. Perhaps like me, if fell under their radar. The Sander's campaign isn't making a big deal about it, because obviously they understand the process.
    We're hearing plenty about it here (next door to Iowa) where many believe that the caucus outcomes were doctored to favor Hillary. 6 consecutive coin tosses went her way, although finding independent confirmation (witnessed, not just reported) of that is difficult, if not impossible.

    I don't understand an electoral process that ends in a coin toss, but the Iowa Dems can do whatever they please. It's their party. What I found interesting and almost as difficult to confirm was the raw number of participants in the Iowa Dem Caucuses. News reports by local Council Bluffs and Des Moines agencies the day after the event revealed only approximately 650 people state wide participated in Democrat caucus, versus several hundred thousand for the Republicans.

    It is truly sad that these candidates can't muster more interest than 650 people statewide, no matter how small or rural the state. No wonder the Iowa Dem Party has tried to avoid releasing raw numbers.

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    Quote from Tweety
    I've only just heard about the Super Delegates....guess I haven't paid attention. Bernie Sanders fans are understandably upset at this development.

    Still it's not a rule Mrs. Clinton made up.
    A Socialist facing the likelihood that something he worked for and earned is going to be given to someone else. Oh, the irony!

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    Quote from libbyliberal
    Pope Frank said climate change is real. Is that what you mean by too political?
    Is your friend cool with Trump saying Mexicans are murderers and rapists?
    "So I think that the pope is a very political person," Trump said. "I think that he doesn't understand the problems our country has. I don't think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with Mexico.
    "Mexico got him to do it," he continued, "because Mexico wants to keep the border just the way it is because they're making a fortune and we're losing."
    Pope Francis is planning the visit to tour areas that have been the hardest hit by Mexico's long-running war with the drug cartels.
    "The Mexico of violence, the Mexico of corruption, the Mexico of drugs trafficking, the Mexico of cartels, is not the Mexico our Mother wants," he said.

    Donald Trump slams Pope Francis for Mexico visit -

    Above is the quote from Trump in the article you linked. I don't see any mention of climate change, so I don't know why you're introducing that subject.

    I agree with Trump that this Pope is political. As I said before, that is not inherently good or bad, just an observation of a tendency that will invite criticism from those who disagree with his stances on various topics that are not doctrinal in nature.

    My friend is wholeheartedly supportive of immigration for those who enter the country legally, and has sponsored relatives who have done so. One obvious goal of such a policy is to prevent the admission of those with a history of criminal activity, and to facilitate deportation of those who are found guilty of engaging in criminal activity on American soil. Are those stances with which you disagree?

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    Quote from libbyliberal
    Donald Trump slams Pope Francis for Mexico visit -

    The Pope is visiting border towns affected by drug cartel wars next week and Trump says the Pope is just being "a very political person" and that he doesnt understand why we need a wall.
    Great campaign strategy. Insult the Pope, Catholics, Italy, Mexico, Latino Americans and El Chapo.
    I don't believe it is reasonable to assume that Trump has insulted all of these people.

    I am a Catholic and I tend to agree with Trump that this Pope is very political. (Not that others haven't been, and not that it is inappropriate, but by veering away from matters of doctrine, he invites criticism.) There are plenty of Catholics who disagree with the Pope on many matters, so please don't assume that we are insulted by Trump's (or anyone else's) comments. The Pope's infallibility applies only to the truth of doctrine, not political matters.

    One of my co-workers is a Mexican immigrant who would help build the wall if she could. Having spent years taking the steps to immigrate here legally, following the requirements to bring additional family members, and working towards citizenship, she has absolutely no time for those who disregard the laws she followed. I can ask her, but I doubt that she was insulted by Trump, either.

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    I'm sorry for your situation and send my best wishes to you and your baby.

    One reason for the pregnancy question is that it may impact Occupational Health decisions regarding vaccinations, TB testing vs. chest X-ray and clinical placement in settings with high-risk exposure to teratogenic agents such as X-rays, chemotherapy and certain viral infections.

    Please be honest.

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    I understand and sympathize with the patient in the original example. Who among us has not at some point in time, even momentarily, thought about harming ourselves or someone else? And as we have read in previous posts and know from our own experiences, individuals are sometimes miscast by over-zealous, well-meaning or just plain incompetent practitioners.

    My daughter is a college junior majoring in something as far removed from healthcare as possible . Prior to Christmas vacation, she experienced a couple of episodes that sounded to me like panic attacks. At the time, she was planning an elective surgery and shortly thereafter, scheduled to start an intensive practicum for her major. She is not one to share her thoughts, feelings or moods freely, and it doesn't surprise me to know that she experienced the symptoms she described. She made an appointment with our family doctor, had an exam & labs to rule out a physical cause and decided to consult with a therapist.

    She called me last week following the appointment. She knows this woman from campus and would have preferred an appointment with someone else, but didn't want to wait too long for an initial consult. She described the stressors of the last few months, as well as the episodes that involved waking during the night feeling short of breath, among other things. After a few brief questions, the therapist told my daughter that she needs a psychiatric referral due to self harm. My daughter questioned whether the therapist had listened and heard her correctly. She emphatically stated that she was not, and had no intention to, harm herself, and didn't understand how the therapist construed awakening with distressing symptoms an indication of self harm.

    Dear Daughter left the office and called a psychologist friend of hers (a former professor) who kindly gave her a phone consult offering some reading material, along with the professional opinion the therapist is a wack-a-doodle, and she should hold out for an appointment with the person she wanted to see in the first place.

    These experiences, unfortunately, leave lasting impressions.

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    There is a local pharmacy that provides Epi-ens to our school district at cost. Perhaps you could check with local pharmacies, hospitals, EMS systems to see if they would be able and willing to partner with you on this.

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    Do you mean that your school has money to spend and you can ask for some via a grant request?

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    Yes, on very rare occasions, I have witnessed staff members become incapacitated. We moved them to a safe place and went about business.

    No big deal.