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This Is Intensive Medical Care!

Has this happened to you? You walk into the nurse’s lounge, get your assignment; head out the door for report only to be told that you are getting a third patient who has been in the ED all day so “hurry up”. You get report on your two patients (rushing through the assessment as quickly as possible) and just as you go into the empty room assigned to your third patient, the phone rings and it’s for you. You put the phone down after report and look up at the call light flashing brightly (of... Read More →

Saying Goodbye

SAYING GOODBYE I don’t know about you, but I never spent much time worrying about losing my family members; I just went happily about my business, trusting that they would always be there. I had one career in the field of administration and finally found my real calling - nursing. Nursing became my passion. All the time I was establishing myself in my new-found career, I managed to keep one eye on my personal life and one eye on the declining health of my aging parents. At one point... Read More →