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  • Aug 4

    In Alabama, you can take the NCLEX an unlimited number of times, you just have to resubmit an application, and pay all the necessary fees. I just found out today that I passed the NCLEX-RN, and it was my first try!!!

  • Jan 28


    I have seen it many times. Someone is getting ready to pass on, and they reach for someone they can see, but we can't. Or, the patient that couldn't communicate, suddenly does improve, can communicate, and becomes peaceful, and "ready." Family members have shown me this as well.

    My grandfather and aunt both showed me this also! My grandfather, who had Alzheimer's Disease, and knew no one just before his death-on the night of his death, suddenly remembered all his family members names, and said a prayer out loud to God about each family member. He was a God-fearing man, and had read the bible 7 times through.

    My aunt-I visited her the day of her passing. She passed later that night. I went through the door of her hospital room. Now, my aunt just earlier that day, could do nothing but mumble, and was a very sick lady. Well, after I entered the room, she sat up in bed, smiled like she was looking right through me, and said, "Look, daddy." My grandfather died the year before I was born, and my mom has always said that we would have dearly loved each other. I think my grandfather was surrounding me that day, and my aunt saw him, and was communicating with him.

    I know there is something special and breathtaking waiting for us on the other side. I have seen too many tired, worn faces relax and years taken away from their faces with their final breath. I saw both my grandmother and my daddy lose 20 years from their faces at death. They went "ready" and peacefully. I have seen it, and I have felt it. Nothing is more precious than knowing a soul has gone in peace, other than witnessing the birth of a baby. heartbeat:heartbeat