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    Something I forgot - with your Fitzgerald review - there are a bunch of online resources you should look through that aren't directly accessible from your online learning modules. Look for the tab marked Resources on the side under the NPxpert tab. Lots of information she doesn't directly touch on in depth but you will run into on boards. Do all the extra's she provides -- people that fail boards after using her live or online review usually haven't completed extra materials. Good luck!!!

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    Quote from Cynthia Thomas
    Hello rninme, supper congratulations. I'm so happy for you. I'm new to this blog and you responded to my post. Thank you for that. Do you by chance have any study tips/study guide that could help and don't mind sharing? I'm terrified of ANCC exam...I don't know why. I started the fitz online review this Wednesday. My email is any study tip I will greatly appreciate. Thanks and congratulations

    I used Fitz live review and her blue book. Glanced through Leik - some good quick facts there. Tried the APEA q-bank but found the majority of those questions are in Hollier's FNP certification review book - so not worth the money for me. Only online question bank I did was BoardVitals - and they are brutal!

    I reviewed a body system a day - using Fitzgerald, Leik. Went to BoardVitals and answered questions on that system. If I found I was missing quite a bit - back to review using other sources, mainly my Bates book from school. Derm - the Habif book was my bible. Also have it on my Ipad ... so I could pop on and review different derm presentations. Ortho - my kryptonite!! Used Bates, Fitzgerald, and Hoppenfeld (I think is the author - old book, but is the bible for ortho) - it's green and I believe first published in the 1970's! Peds/pregnancy/women's and men's health - all from Fitzgerald and reviewing class notes and texts. All the leadership information I used came from Fitzgerald, Leik and on BoardVitals. Know the hierarchy of clinical research!!! You will do fine - just listen to what Dr. Fitzgerald talks about. Several questions on the exam were pretty much word-for-word from her live lecture!

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    Congratulations! I passed the ANCC FNP exam today! My study guides were the Fitz blue book, and her live review. Glanced through Leik and did a few questions. Did not like the Hollier APEA book - but did use it to study for the predictor exam I had to take in school. Did questions on BoardVitals -- if you can answer them, the ANCC exam is a walk in the park!!!!

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    I passed the ANCC FNP exam today! Really didn't find it that difficult - but I have been studying for the past 2 years in preparation for today!! Have to say that Dr Fitzgerald's review and her other book were the keys to my passing. Lots of leadership questions - know research, policy, culture, ethical principals. Majority of questions were very straight forward - a couple I had to read several times to try and figure out just what question was being asked. Hopefully those questions were part of the non-graded section because they were very poorly written. Done is about 2 hours - but I have always been a fast test taker. Use the cross out function, very helpful in trying to zero in on the correct answer when unsure.

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    You are going to devote a minimum of 33 hours of study time per week no matter what school you attend! Not a Frontier grad - but a friend of mine graduated from there. She worked prn, but did not need to work full time (lucky girl!). I worked full time, attended my program on a part time basis, and just graduated in May. Difficult, but it can be done.

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    Congratulations on your graduation!!
    1. I suggest you look at each test blueprint - available on the AANP and the ANCC test sites. Which test do you believe your course of study prepared you for?
    2. I took the live Fitzgerald review - and I liked it. I am also using BoardVitals for questions - they divide their questions geared toward each specific exam.
    3. Some of the information from Fitzgerald live review can be found in her book, but the live review material is more extensive. She also has a lot of online resources that are part of the live review course.
    4. I am using the live review, Fitzgerald book and Leik. Also doing BoardVitals questions for ANCC exam.
    5. There are several books tailored to ANCC exam - their horribly expensive ANCC FNP review books (not worth the money, information can be found elsewhere). Not sure about the AANP exam - although I think Hollier and the APEA q-bank questions are more closely aligned with AANP vs ANCC

    I tend to try and over-prepare for anything - but don't pick so many different resources that you are bouncing all over the place trying to study. Review the books, answer the questions. Consult other source material when you aren't clear on rationales. Go back, and review again. Then start answering test bank questions. If you find there are specific questions you are answering wrong - go back and review that section again.

    Good luck to both of us!!

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    I was also at the Boston review - and it got chilly at times. Sweater is a must.

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    Quote from dishes
    If you think working weekdays is best for you, have you considered a non-nursing career such as; occupational therapy, speech language pathology, respiratory therapy etc?
    I spent 17 years as a Respiratory Therapist .. and worked nights, weekends, holidays and had night call when working day shift.

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    It may be a "liability" issue. Check with the powers that be. I started one IV as an NP student at an outlying clinic. Patient was diabetic, dehydrated and need IVF. RN was out of the office that day, and no one else to start the IV. Took several phone calls, a conference with the MD head of the clinic, and pleading by the patient because she did not want to go to the ED for fluid resuscitation (someone I knew and had worked with in the past -- "just let her do it - I've seen her start IVs on hundreds of people!").

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    Quote from turnforthenurse
    Does anybody have a good differential diagnosis book that they recommend? I currently have Differential diagnosis for the advanced practice nurse and I like it but I wish it included more in the differentials.

    For example, for "eye redness" the differentials included are bacterial conjunctivitis, blepharitis, viral conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis...there are a lot more that could be considered, especially serious must-not-miss diagnoses like anterior uveitis or acute angle closure glaucoma, etc. I just feel like this book is pretty basic.
    I use an Ipad app -- Differential Diagnosaurus. Also have a Ferri that I pull out when needed

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    Quote from Julius Seizure
    A lot of people go to school part time and work at the same time, but school will take longer. At this point, are you sure that it's worth it?
    I just finished an MSN-FNP at 55. Total of 5 years for BSN completion through MSN. Age is just a number

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    I worked full-time through RN, BSN and MSN-FNP. Takes some creative scheduling and support of your workplace but it can be done!

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    Started out as a CNA, then became a Respiratory Therapist for 17 years. I'd always wanted to be a nurse but didn't have the means or opportunity right out of high school, so when I'd had it with management, I applied to RN-Diploma school. Worked for several years in critical care and ED before completing a BSN online and decided why stop now? Just graduated MSN-FNP a couple of weeks ago. What would I change? Nothing!

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    Haven't tested yet but will be taking the ANCC FNP exam. I attended a live Fitzgerald review (which was awesome!), have done q-bank but not really impressed with it, and BoardVitals - which I highly recommend. Also using Leik and Fitzgerald's other review book (not the one I got at the review session). Read the first several chapters of the ANCC 2 volume set and have skimmed the rest of the books. I'm in the process of reviewing areas I identified as weaker - ortho is my kryptonite!!! Have done a couple of APEA predictor exams, scoring in the low to mid-80's. Haven't taken the post-exam after the Fitz review yet.