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    Quote from DavidFR
    I worked in England at a time when we had many Finnish and Swedish nurses coming over to work. We traditionally always already had many African and West Indian nurses. I never had any problems communicating with them. Some people said they did. Some perhaps genuinely had a problem, however I found very often found that those who did were either very impatient, intolerant types, or in some cases actually exaggerated the problem because they liked telling "shock, horror" anecdotes, or even worse, they simply liked laughing at foreigners.

    I wonder if any of the critics have actually ever had the boot on the other foot? I came to work in France with a reasonable knowledge of French but spoke with a heavy British accent. I didn't nurse here until I was confident in my fluency, but those first months in a strange system and a foreign language are scary. I have found most French colleagues overwhelmingly helpful and accomodating. In those early days if I mispronounced something they only had to politely ask me to repeat myself, I'd repeat it slowly and carefully and they'd usually understand. However, the rare occasions people snapped or mocked really hurt. After ten years here it's fine, but still occasionally if I'm tired - giving handover at the end of a 12 hour night shift - yes, some words escape me or I speak some Franglais. It is very rare that I'm given a hard time about it but it can still give you complex. I've got all the slang and the idioms now - but that doesn't come quickly and NO language course ever gives you that.

    Hence I will now go out of my way to be patient and helpful to newcomers with levels of French inferior to mine. We had an influx of Spanish nurses a few years back - some people complained about the way they spoke French but most of us understood them fine. And yes, if I had an anglophone colleague of course we'd speak our own language at coffee break - only natural.

    If you're frustrated by a colleague's accent or style of expression, they're twice as frustrated as you. Give them a break. No nurse sets out to be incomprehensible.


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    Just trying to get info about the hospital, staffing ratios etc. I see they have a couple of openings there and I was going to apply. I just need some info. Thanks

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    I would be very unhappy. Yup, I do CNA work as a nurse but for 12 hrs straight????? I would be very unhappy.

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    Well it sounds like burnout to me and its okay to feel that way. A lot of nurses have been there. Some find that making changes in the same job helps or switching jobs to something else helps.

    It seems like u have been working in high paced and intense environments.. ER then ICU..not saying the floor is any easier ..maybe try Telemetry or PACU where you can still utilize your critical care background without the intense stress level the ER and ICU has..maybe that will help
    Hey and if it that does not work for you..its okay..nursing is very diverse...there are various options out there...

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    Q2hrs seems overkill for me..but hey..u learn everyday
    Q1 if it was a neuro patient or depending on the circumstances
    q15 mins when titrating drips

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    Well..You stop pulling back when u meet resistance..residual is anything liquid that comes could be coffee ground( BAD) , green color ( bile), tube feeding ( check the color of the tube feed)etc. Its anything you pull back that is liquid. Then u have to decribe it depending on what it is...

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    @ Baby Bug
    You seem so quick to Judge others harshly.. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just posting stuff for the fun of it. As a nursing student..I was quick to judge people till I actually became a nurse..thats where you are right now. Graduate from Nursing school, work for about 6 months... then u might choose your words carefully.
    To xariel.. mistakes happen..might not have been the wisest thing to do but has happened and u move from that. It was a very unhealthy practice and i do not condone that..but the patient was not harmed ..which is the most important. U live and u learn. Every nurse I know takes short cuts....some bad..some good....
    Clocking in and clocking out is not such a huge deal ( except when ur paycheck gets cut I do it once in a while because I forget ( Im sure its the same for you), not because I just dont feel like clocking out.. Somedays..its been sooo hectic...i just want to get out of work and forget to punch out..

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    3.3 gpa is not bad at all.. Try applying at other schools if you havent.

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    I'd like to know tooo??????????

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    Ambulatory centers
    Medical Spa

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    Pls. I need a little bit of insight before applying. Thanx

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    Public Health is one option. I dont know too many nurses personally with an MPH and what exactly they use it for though. Maybe someone can enlighten me bcos I would love to know too. Another option is an MBA. But an MBA on its own really limits you I heard. The choices in regards to jobs are limited. There can only be one CNO of a hospital. Does anyone know any nurse with a masters in Health Care administration????

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    Im new to ICU , I have been told that Levo is the drug of choice for patients in septic shock but I will be concerned about starting the patient on levo due to the already elevated heart rate.

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    Just curious. What is ur shortest length of stay at a job and why did u leave?:typing