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    I had the same problem when I was a new grad, and my solution was to go for the smaller, less advertised hospitals such as Triumph, which is now Kindred, Reliant, Nexus, Solara, etc. Don't be afraid to reach out further into the suburbs or even rural. I have an old classmate who managed to break into ER by working out in the middle of nowhere. A long commute will stink, but hopefully it will be temporary. It's not as good as acute hospital experience, but it's a job and you will learn things. When interviewing, show interest in pertinent subjects like rehabilitation and long term antibiotic therapy, and do not tell them if you plan to use them as a stepping stone. Get certified with as many things as you can, and take advantage of what they have to offer.

    Good luck.

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    I do I do! I wear pressure socks, plus some cushy low-cut socks over them for padding, plus my Z-Coil shoes! The combination is as unsexy as it gets, but I'm going to stave off varicose veins as long as I can!