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  • Apr 5

    Here is my 2 cents. I have never worked a strike but I would if given the chance. Why? For the money of course, therefore the compensation would have to be right and I wouldn't cancel a travel job to do it since they often cancel before day 1. Having said that I am pro union, in that I wish more places were unionized like TN where I am from. In TN staff are treated so poorly and paid so little that I feel a union would help alot. CEO's have too much power and can treat thier staff poorly while lining their pockets. So why would I work a strike in another state? Not that it really matters to anyone other than the nurse working it but my thought is they are paying out big money to strike nurses and therefore it hits them where they notice (wallet). I am anti CEO's

  • Feb 11

    I always find it helpful to reframe this type of question: If you were presenting to a healthcare facility seeking psychiatric care, would you be expecting to be seen by someone specifically educated and credentialed in mental health, or would you be okay with someone trained in internal medicine who is "interested in" mental health?

  • Jan 13

    Wow...I'm so sorry about what you went through. Sounds like they did you dirty. How can one ever do better if you don't even know what you need to change for future jobs? I wish you all the best in your job-search. The one thing I've learned from lurking here (even though I'm still a student) is to never sign a none compete clause. I hope you get the job...I like that you sound optimistic, and are focused more on the takeaways from this experience.

  • Jan 7


    I'm so sorry this happened to you. However, it sounds like the analysis of the "why" it happens does explain a lot.

    Thanks so much for coming back and filling us in on the "rest of the story." wishes with your job hunt....

  • Dec 29 '16

    Hi! I don't know if you are still actively looking for work, but I wanted to see if you have a Minuteclinic in your area. It is a start, and it pays decent money. You will have to work long hours 8:30 am to 7:30 pm Mon-Friday, 9:00-5:30 on Saturday, and 10:00- 4pm on Sunday. You will be the only person working in the clinic, and you will have to do things such as, ordering and putting up supplies, checking temps on frig, looking up Insurance, calling IT when the computer malfunctions, taking payments, marketing, sweeping and mopping the floors, and taking out the trash . I hope that you find work...if you haven't already

  • Dec 29 '16

    Unfortunately I think you didn't do your due diligence on researching the NP market before signing up for a lot of tuition money, knowing that you can't leave the county due to your children's custody arrangement.

    I don't really know what to say except to anyone that might stumble upon this thread that you absolutely need to research the market before getting any degree and know what you're able or willing to do in order to get a job when you graduate. 18 year olds really don't know any better (and their parents need to guide them heavily), but those thinking about graduate school are older and should know better.

    OP, I hope you are able to find a job soon to support your family. Maybe you should consider leaving the kids with your ex as primary custody for a couple of years while you get experience elsewhere and then move back once you have the experience. There are many families that have one parent away for an extended period of time and at least in this situation you could see them a couple of times a month.

  • Dec 29 '16

    Some thoughts:

    1. Go back to court to get custody revised so that you can provide for you children.

    2. Then you could move to a more rural area where jobs are more plentiful.

    3. Work as an RN (unsure if that is what you are doing now?)

    From what we hear at AN, Florida is a saturated market for APRNs - I am sincerely sorry that you having such a hard time finding a job.

  • Dec 7 '16

    Quote from Jules A
    Although I know I'm more productive in real life I also believe the things I write here cause people to think regardless of if they agree or disagree and I also learn about different perspectives from other posters.
    Indeed. Your writings and that of others gave me a new perspective and insight that has served me quite well. It made me hungry for more and for what I deserve, desire, and require.

  • Dec 6 '16

    Preceptor training. We have looked at preceptor training as there is ample evidence from other disciplines that outcome quality is dependent on the effectiveness of the preceptor in their role; sadly many preceptors have never done any formal (or informal) training.
    Bedside nurses have gone through quite a bit of training in many places as preceptors. My job before this one was creating preceptor workshops and nurse residency courses and I trained nurses all over the country. It was fantastic. There will be a NP preceptor course created probably in the next year as grant funding is coming through. The CCNE has accredited many BSN programs, I think the NP one will follow the same teaching methods which is all based on adult learning principles. You are right, however, having a trained preceptor makes a big difference.

  • Dec 6 '16

    lol we all know its just a money bang. schools and BON get rich and people get to wear their white coats proudly. Everybody wins except the students at the tail end of the NP gold rush, currently working NPs, and the patients.
    NP schools are a lot more than you are giving them credit for. There are variances in school quality, but your sweeping statements are factless. I have seen a lot more physicians in favor of NP's than the opposite and if NP's were killing people at alarming rates, we would hear about it. It makes me nervous when I read posts from medical students who have such disrespect for a discipline they will have to work so closely with. If you like medicine better, great, go like medicine, but many physicians also really like working with NP's and value their input and expertise.

  • Nov 16 '16

    Because of this post. I'm sure majority of the nurses are renewing their malpractice insurance. =)

    The good news is... it sounds like the OP is now fully recovered! Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Nov 13 '16

    Quote from casias12
    Since somewhere around 40% of our dollars go to immigrants, legal or otherwise, who have not paid in, I believe a part of the cost savings plan will start there.
    Don't mean to go off topic but please quote your sources especially since you invoked legal immigrants as well who are eligible for legal employment. The data shows that undocumented immigrants actually contribute to state and local taxes at an estimated $11.64 billion annually. I don't support illegal immigration either but I strive for facts.

  • Nov 12 '16

    Quote from PsychGuy
    I am proud to support President Elect Trump, my Republican party, and I have never been so excited about politics.

    For those worried about the direction of healthcare, keep working. Do well, work hard, and you'll make money. We're losing money as a result of Obamacare. For my family of three, I pay $16,000/year in health insurance. I can afford it, but it's ABSURD. It's hard to gauge what a President can do with his first term, but I am definitely excited to find out.

    Obama never did anything positive, productive, and lasting. We now have a business leader who will take office, and I hope this leader will run this country as a business without worrying about individual feelings and entitlements. An array of men have Trump's ear, and these are knowledgeable men with Conservative world views which is just what we need after eight years of socialism.

    I no longer have a concern with global warming. I feel like it's happening, but there are far more pressing issues to concern ourselves with, and sans the transgender sharing regular bathroom thing, which I also believe is ridiculous, I support the Trump-Pence platform wholeheartedly despite knowing more nurses are liberals.
    Trump had a platform? Other than hate, of course. Because it seems to me that he ran on misogyny, racism, xenophobia and all forms of bullying and hatred.

  • Nov 11 '16

    Quote from Psychcns
    This is a quote from OP above
    . I was spoken to the other day for asking the woman who handles our referrals if there was someone local who handled bariatric surgery requests (something I've only had a patient request once) because I should have known the answer.

    My response
    This is bullsh*t. Not only is it disrespectful to be told "you should have know the answer." It seems they are looking for a list of things to terminate you. How did it get to your boss that you asked The referral person a question about referrals.

    Have you sent sent out resumes. Any prospects? You cannot thrive in a non-supportive environment like this.
    Yeah. It's BS. One of their big criticisms is that the questions I ask are too simple for someone who has been there as long as I have and that I should know the answers. I was even told that it's not about my clinical judgement but I guess more along the lines of office policies and procedures? They've included the bariatric thing as well as some other administrative type questions about situations I seldom encounter.

    I've come to find out that several people have essentially been told to watch me and report back to my MD. Thus perhaps explaining why people have been acting odd around me. I can now better understand how they must feel. Can't be too comfortable having your boss ask you to spy on a co-worker with whom you prevously had a good relationship. Ugh. I'm trying to be cordial, but very distant. Doing most of my charting and phone calls now in one of the back rooms away from other staff. But it's very walking-on-eggshells and it sucks.

    I've updated my resume and begun applying online. It's tough since I live in a rural area and have a no-compete clause, but I'll be working on things more tenaciously this weekend so here's hoping something comes from it.

    Thanks again to everyone for all of your support and suggestions.

  • Nov 6 '16

    Quote from Buyer beware
    OP,...I think it would good for your overall well being to discuss with the supervising M.D. just why, given the polar opposite reviews of your competency and patient interaction, what has precipitated this professional and emotional rug pulled out from under you.You see the "not a good fit" is a pitiful cliche excuse to get rid of you when I believe as a professional and colleague what you should expect is a heart to heart constructive discussion with your detractors that will empower you to be in the position to evaluate their statements to be valid or not.
    Thank you for your response. I did actually ask her a few meetings ago what was different - what had chanaged. And she essentially told me these issues had been there from the beginning. I then asked her why it was never brought to my attention so I could have known about them and addressed them. She muttered something about how nobody likes to bring up these things. It still doesn't make sense to me. I don't think I'm a hero and I don't think they thought that either, but leaving the place feeling like there really weren't any criticisms toward me and then coming back to this was very jarring.

    We've met something like 5 or 6 times since that first event and every time we now meet I feel a lot clamer. While I continue to try to be introspective and improve my practice, I deeply feel as though they are just trying to find fault when no fault is there. I was spoken to the other day for asking the woman who handles our referrals if there was someone local who handled bariatric surgery requests (something I've only had a patient request once) because I should have known the answer. That kind of stuff. With a little distance from it, I see the "not a good fit" statement as likely being what it is it. If they don't think it's a good fit, then I'd be stupid to try to force it. So, yeah. I continue to reflect on their criticisms and try and improve (I don't want to sabatoge myself) while I look elsewhere. Thanks again.