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To the APRN curriculum critics

by Psychcns - To the APRN hecklers, critics and malcontents.Many of you say that your MSN nursing education has too much “fluff”, referring to classes like cultural competency, and management that have no...

Reflections of a Locum Tenens Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

by Psychcns - I drive on long, winding, country roads. The roads are paved here--always a shock when I come to the United States from my expatriate home in Costa Rica. I am in the first world now: it is early...

Forensic Psychiatric Nursing: A Unique APRN Opportunity

by Psychcns - After thirty years psychiatric nursing experience in various roles, locum tenens is perfect for me. When I want to work, I sign up with a few agencies, tell them my availability and hope something...