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  • Jan 29

    The USN/USNR lets nurses older than 40 join (I am joining at age 45), and can waive retirement at age 60 for medical professionals up to age 65. if you want to serve with an associates degree, the Army or NG is the best bet. I know a guy who is a former enlisted medic who is now an army LPN and he loves it. He's an officer and has done everything from ICU to peds to ER.

  • Apr 1 '16


    Your situation sounds like a good one, esp. since you are prior service. A Marine no less! If I had it to do over, I'd do that. You don't mention your age, but bear in mind that the military needs RNs and other medical professionals, so they cut us some slack in the age department. I'm too old for military service outside of medicine - I should know as I spent four years after 9-11 trying to enlist - as I am now 44. LVN/LPNs do a lot of interesting nursing duty and have expanded skills and responsibilities in the army. I know a guy who does that and he likes it a lot. Done everything from ICU to peds to ER. Like a lot of LPNs, he was an enlisted medic before taking a commission.

    I'd consider the USN/USNR as a corpsman if I was younger. I tried hard to join the USNR as a corpsman in 2004 at age 42, but they wouldn't ley me in. As a Marine, you know the role that corpsmen play, the quality of thier training and the respect they command. I am in the process of getting a commission as an Rn now; I'm not yet in the service - so take this with a grain of salt. The NNC is also very respected but they fulfill a different role for the service. Of course, maybe you have a 'been-there, done-that' sort of feeling about the whole USMC experience. If that's so you can always serve as a shore-based corpsman or on ship. "Going green" is for corpsmen who want to be docs for the grunts. Many corpsmen serve a while that way and then take a DCO slot as an RN later. You can also become an IDC, independent duty corpsman - the USN equivalent of a PA. or, you can always get the USN to send you to school to be an APN - advanced practice nurse. They are also in great demand.

    I personally didn't choose USAF but I know many people who like the USAF. They get deployed less often and reputedly have the best stadard of living at thier bases - good chow and quarters and so on. The scuttlebutt I've heard is that 'jointness' is in. Military medical professionals from every branch are working together in theater in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. Makes sense; a broken leg is a broken leg, whether you are wearing an army or navy uniform, your concern is still patient welfare.

    I wish I'd known about all the money out there for paying for school for my RN. I paid on my own, but no need to do that. The various branches offer pretty hefty tuition reimbursements.

    Anyway - good luck. if you anything about the military and nursing and medical care, by all means reply and shae it with us.

    You've got a lot of options, so explore them and then make your choice.
    One last thing: if you want to follow age cutoffs and the military, visit "Let Them Serve," a yahoo users group dedicated to getting people aged 40-45 into the military, esp. the NG. Lots of good info there. Check out also ''

    Pete - aka georgiaboy61