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    Hi all, Ive been accepted into utas sydney campus an was just wondering has anyone studied there or know of anyone? Whats it like? Are the lectures via sat or in class?? Im excited to begin the transition from EEN to RN

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    I studied my Bachelor of Nursing at Sydney University from 2000 - 2003 and can tell you 1st hand that your friend was so correct. I found the teaching standard there appauling. For such a grand university its nursing faculty is shocking. I never ended up completing my degree and am only completing it now. I was failing most of my subjects asell as alot of my fellow students as the lecturers were not turning up to some of the lectures due to strike action, in 1 year the 3 most amazing biology/chemistry teachers had been fired due to cut backs in staffing. i would not reccomend Sydney Uni to anyone... unless you want to learn nothing but a whole lot of political crap which goes on between staffing units. The dean of the faculty is more interested in getting the international students $$$ than keeping and educating its aussie nurses who will actually stay here to work...
    In my 1st year 485 students started, 115 failed that year, 58 dropped out, 2nd year 85 DROPPED OUT, almost a third of what was left failed!!!! Hundreds of complaints have been made but they have all been hidden and completely ignored.

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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Melissa, I am a 27y.o from Australia. i have been working as EN (enrolled Nurse) for 6-7 years. Its equivelant to LPN in the States I think.
    I am starting my RN/Midwife training next Monday and thought what better time to join! If any one has any questions about Australian Nursing or healthcare i am happy to help.