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  • Jan 25 '16

    Always a day late ! Or, in this case a month...... As sad as it is, I am glad to see that other competent nurses are in my position. At least I know it is not just me !
    I started nursing school in my mid 30's (change of vocation) and got my RN in 1984. Worked at our small rural hospital for nearly 20 years before I had to stop for medical reasons. After 4 years of illness I realized I no longer was capable of acute and critical care in a hospital. So I sought work in assisted living. It was a good choice, even though I was largely unprepared for that type of job in the beginning. But I found that - eventually - that it was perfect for me ! Hours were generally part time, I no longer had to do all the heavy lifting and running, I love to teach and nurture both staff and residents, I am very good with creating teaching materials, protocols and forms, plus it is a position of respectability and 'say' within the facility.

    What could go wrong?

    . . . . Age . . . I lost my job a year and a half ago - not because I wasn't doing well or not getting my job done - but because corp wanted a younger nurse who could work more hours. State survey came through a week later and facility was deficiency free. That was MY doing ! I am so disgusted with corporations that place their profitability above the service that they say they are committed to.
    So now I am on Social Security ~ yes, old enough ! But that is only just about half of what I need to live and pay bills. (I have worked since 1966) I would really love to provide training and educational materials for other assisted living facility nurses so they wouldn't have to start from next to nothing. It is a needed aspect of our health care management that costs far less than hospitals or nursing homes.

    So what do you do when you are older, but still capable (within limitations), have vast experience and education, want to give, share and use the abilities you have, and retain your nursing license a bit longer ? I love nursing. I just hate the way it is being used these days.
    So much for me.

    A note to the younger generations ~ The profession of nursing is almost sacred. It may not get much acknowledgement or reward, but it is your knowledge, your caring, your intervention, your insight, your teaching, your commitment to care ~ your touch ~ that changes and saves lives. Know that for yourselves when no one else acknowledges that. You are not there to be a slave to the computer, but to serve those in need.