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Confronting Jane: From the Perspective on an Impaired Nurse (Part Two)

by Stepper - In part one of Confronting Jane (), I shared signs of my progressing alcoholism. These signs included tardiness, calling out, illness at work, changes in my appearance and declining work performance....

Altered Reality- Cognitive Distortions in Nursing Students

by Stepper - Nursing students commonly adopt thinking habits that distort their perception of reality in a negative way. These cognitive distortions led to feelings of inadequacy and result in low self-esteem and...

Confronting Jane- From the Perspective of an Impaired Nurse (Part One)

by Stepper - I never dreamed I would be an impaired nurse. There have been times over my twenty-year nursing career I would think "how could that nurse ever come to work altered?" But I did clock in to work...