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    Yes, it's disrespectful and demeaning. But realistically, when I used to work full time and every shift I saw different patients, sometimes I had a hard time remembering names. So, I would say "honey" instead of risking calling Mrs. Smith Mrs. Jones. And folks who may be sundowning a bit may not respond well to Mr. or Mrs. or Miss.

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    So this is a power and control issue and yes, this is a bigger issue than just going to nursing school. Your husband may be verbally and emotionally abusive. This isn't just nursing school, this is the rest of your life.

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    What could you have done differently? Considered alcohol withdrawal in your differential. Big missed diagnosis by the doc.

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    "Night shift is hard on the body and mind. You should be taking care of yourself.

    If boyfriend does not understand that.. you need to rest and recharge, you need a new boyfriend."

    Totally agree with this. And if he never gets it, certainly don't marry him.

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    "At some point, many of us dream of working from home, coffee cup in hand, in a hoodie and yoga pants. Fortunately, there really are many opportunities."

    As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I do. I never would have dreamed this 41 years ago when I became an RN. Fast forward to 4 years ago, I received an e-mail from LinkedIn and this job ad caught my eye "Nurse practitioners, work from home in your pajamas!" As I thought to myself, "Yeah, right" I clicked on the ad and discovered it was from a major health provider in my area and it was perfect for me. I was hired and have been working for this employer for 3 years.

    I do online convenience care exclusively from home by computer. I diagnose common conditions, prescribe meds when necessary and refer if it's not a condition we treat. I am licensed as an RN and NP in 12 states. Since I live in MN, I never worry about the weather. I work per diem and pretty much work when and how much I want. I plan to hang on to this job until I retire.

    We have great comeraderie. We maintain a chat open with our co-workers during our shifts for consulting with each other, asking questions, and coordinating with the tech staff.