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    Mississippi is a right to work state, which means that an employer doesn't need a reason to fire someone.

    You've got "right to work" all wrong. "Right to work" has to do with employees not being forced to join unions in certain states. The woman may have a a case here in that her tweet does not state who she is referring to. I totally agree that she was wrong, as a hospital employee, to make such info public but I do not see how, explicitly, HIPAA laws were violated.

    TP, RN

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    Quote from babyrntobehopefully
    I am trying to find out what you have to do after graduating with and ASRN to work in the labor and delivery ward. Please any info would be helpfull thanks so much
    Most hospitals require that you have at least 1 year of med/surg experience before taking on a specialty...

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    Can a new grad start his/her career off with a reputable agency or should he/ she always start their nursing career working directly for a hospital? What are the pros/ cons of each?