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  • Oct 7 '17

    Quote from SC_RNDude
    I agree with a lot of what NNU says, but I think they should leave some issues for others to fight.

    For example:
    "we stand for a world not reliant on the burning and extraction of fossil fuels."

    This isn't a nursing issue and it decreases the credibility of NNU with the public. And then when they speak up on a real nursing issue, the public tunes out..."it's just that nutty nurses union again."
    The four key concepts behind nursing practice are Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing. Our foremothers in public health saw addressing crowded slums, sanitation, impure milk, child labor abuses, and more as their concerns. Are you suggesting that they should have minded their own business, spurned these "liberal causes" and ignored the issues of their day that affected health and that called for activism and a government response?

    Since our patients are clearly affected by the spread of malaria and other insect born diseases triggered by a changing climate, I think we need to address this. Others things that cannot be denied or explained away are the more frequent tornadoes, hurricanes. etc. we now see. What about the heat extremes that kill more people than any other weather-related events? Are we supposed to watch all of this, and just leave things as they are?

    The science is clear on this, and we cannot wait to do something. Check out Pope Francis' words on this.