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  • Aug 15 '13

    Quote from mom-n-student
    Why would a facility tell it's employees to not get personal malpractice/liability insurance?
    To keep the employee in a position of weakness. Should there be a problem it would be easier to crucify the employee if they do not have the means to defend themselves with their own representation. Offer them the use of the company legal department, or retract "support" of that same legal department and you keep the employee dancing, until it is time to terminate them when you have goated them.

  • Aug 7 '13

    In CA, salaries are higher along with the cost of living, if you live in the right place (meaning you might have to commute or find more shared housing), it's not as bad as most people find out, being a CA person all my life.

    These are current starting salaries per hour without any mention of the diff's and it's numbers posted on their hiring sites or friends who are already in:

    UC Davis Med...$46.24

    The higher salaries are the hospitals located in the Northern CA areas. They also have minimum 3.50 overall GPA's to be considered and so stated in their application minimum requirements. It is very possible to make close to $100K in those hospitals with the diff's for night, evening and holiday's.

    All hospitals are BSN preferred only.

  • Jul 28 '13

    Trick worked for me. Quick results say that I passed. Will check BON website til I see my official #

  • Jul 22 '13

    Congratulations! I don't know where you live, but your OP sounded like you were low-balled. Good for you for standing your ground and looking until you got what you wanted. A lot of managment positions do pay lower than staff, which sucks. I won't do it unless I'm getting paid well because management is full of headaches. Also the student loans for the education.

  • Jul 22 '13

    Don't know where your at, New grads around me make $19.00 to $23.00.

    I make near what the OP was offered working EMS 2 24 hour shifts a week. I left my last ED job as it was costing me money to work there.

    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    I totally agree. Well said. OP, I'm not sure where you live but I don't know any new grad that makes "17-18/hr. Please don't be offended that some of us with ADNs make MORE than you. Five years is great experience but not sure if they would quailify you for more money. There are others with way more experience than you making what you were offered.
    So my advice, is to take it or leave it.

  • Jul 21 '13

    I did the quick results and I passed!!! Im so exited. Thx everyone.

  • Jul 21 '13

    I'm taking a review course now and the teacher said that ATI is MUCH harder than the actual NCLEX. It prepares you, but since it's much harder it can also break down your confidence. Coworkers of mine who used ATI/pased NCLEX last year said pretty much the same thing. Who knows if that's true, but if it is - don't let it get you down! Just keep studying, doing practice questions. That's all you can do. Learn the material and how to approach the questions.

  • Jul 20 '13

    Quote from cardiac strip
    Try the NCSBN learning extension review course it is plain and simple It's the same people who write the NCLEX Keep your head up and try try try again!!!!

    You have some great resources to use to pass.

    Start off with a clean slate.

    Look at the NCLEX for its four parts in order for one to enter as a entry level nurse: Safe, Effective Care; Health Promotion and Maintenance; Psychological Integrity; Physiological Integrity.

    Don't look at it as a learning by's learning by application.

    Next, set up a time period to study. Give yourself two months to study MAX if you need to. Review Kaplan book and Saunders cover to cover.

    Make sure you are reviewing questions and rationales-even the ones that you answer correctly. Look at what the question is ASKING you; that helps in choosing the BEST answer. Review the sources if you don't understand the rationales.

    The NCSBN (makers of the NCLEX) also has a comprehensive study program as well.
    Additional sources I used; ExamCram, Lippincott apps on iPhone, Saunders flash cards; PharmPhlash cards, LaCharity.

    Most of my sources I reviewed cover to cover no more than a week, and did all the questions after each review of material, reviewed the questions and rationales.

    I studied for at least 2 months. Within three weeks before the exam, I started utilizing strictly practice questions and set them up like the NCLEX-75, 105, 185, 205, 235, 265. I reviewed the questions that I had difficulty with, and the sources of the rationales.

    The key to passing the boards, is not only fully understanding the four domains of a licensed nurse, but also having a good comprehensive study plan, and sticking to it.

    Sending positive vibes to your success! We need you out there!

  • Jul 20 '13

    Quote from Love81
    Hi Everyone, I would like to tell you guys about my nclex experience. Last time I've taken the nclex-rn exam was in March I failed with 265q. I had near passing on all categories. Its soo devastating failing this exam soo many times. I just don't know what to do. I plan on taking the exam again in September.
    The reviews I have done are: Kaplan, Hurst, &Feuer review. The books I've used are: Kaplan, stratergies, ExamCram, Saunders, nclex 4000 cd, and etcs. As you can see I've used tons of things. I just purchased Lippincott Q&a and Remar's quick facts. Have anyone done Remar's Review? If so please let me know what you guys think about it. I'm opened for suggestions on anything. Please give me some advice on studying and critical thinking. Thx
    I did nclex 9 times and finay pass this march a lot of prayers and fasting.I tried everything and I ask God just to help. I prayed throughout the entire test and I was so happy when I passed. Keep praying because God answers prayers.

  • Jul 20 '13

    Congratulations!!! God is really great

  • Jul 20 '13

    Glory Glory to God! Congrats! :-) Many blessings to you...I passed a few months ago..the journey is just beginning!

  • Jul 20 '13

    Rn bsn... And im going to church to party!!!! All the best to those soon to test..... Pray and study and do your best and let god do the rest because hes able the same god of abraham and joshua and david is the same my god and your god he is from everlasting to everlasting so have faith and believe that he brought you this far and is going to take you all the way amen and god bless everyone

  • Jul 20 '13

    Im not super active on this website, but i just wanted to let the world know i passed my nclex, and to god be all the glory and honor!!!

  • Jul 15 '13

    I failed NCLEX the first time and did ReMar and it helped me so much!!! She makes things seem so simple. I passed the next time I took it

    I did ReMar Review so I can give you my honest opinion. I LOVED the review! For 3 reasons: 1-The material is straight to the point and easy to understand 2-My studying following the review was more productive and my confidence level was way higher then when I had taken it the first time. 3-Regina is super caring, I emailed her constantly and she always responded back quickly. 4-The NCLEX activity book was the funnest I had studying for this exam. Sorry I had 4 instead of 3 reasons.

  • Jul 8 '13

    An update: I called Pearson Vue and NCSBN and they were not helpful in the least!
    But around 5pm my Quick Results showed up and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!