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As a wellness coach, family nurse practitioner, and liver of an eventful life, I take great pleasure in helping people sift through the facts and fictions of human health wellness to uncover their own personal truths and chart a course to health empowerment.

Lane is growing her integrative wellness coaching practice, Best Health Interest, while teaching advanced practice nursing at Samuel Merritt University. Prior to becoming a family nurse practitioner, Lane enjoyed a 20-year career in agricultural public relations and worked as a freelance writer specializing in the outdoor market. She loves nature, animals (especially mules), and art, and her idea of a good time is horsepacking in remote wilderness areas. Lane lives with her husband, John, in rural northern California.

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Wellness Coach, Clinical Nursing Instructor
Napa, CA, USA
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Family Nurse Practitioner
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6 years
Healing Touch, Holistic Coaching, Integrative Medicine
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