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    I LOVE all these stories! Keep them coming!

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    Quote from Babs0512
    Okay, true story. I have always been "sensitive" to paranormal stuff - it's been happening all my life. My earliest memory is hearing the phone ringing and ringing while we were eating dinner - and I said "Is anyone going to get the phone!" It was then that it rang, I heard it before it actually started. Apparently this kind of thing happened often, with the phone, door bell, knowing who was coming to visit before my parents, etc... eventually it freaked my mother out and she said "just STOP IT! I can't take this anymore!" So I eventually just "stopped" - but nevertheless, almost every house I've ever lived in was haunted - my daughter who is 27 is a "sensitive" too, as she has a ghost that "follows" her around to which ever apartment she is in. It's a shadow ghost. Anyway...

    One night I got up to go to the bathroom, (we have 2 night lights in the hallway), as I came out of the bedroom, I nearly collided with a 7 foot black/grey figure - who had the vague outline of a head and shoulders but the rest of him just sort of expanded in a blob sort of way. He had substance because he blocked the nightlight he was next to. I whirled sideways to avoid colliding with it, and when I turned around, it was gone. This really spooked me. I'm use to living with my friendly ghost, Mary, but never a black/grey blob that gave me the feeling of evil and dread.

    I called TAPS (Ghost hunters), spoke with Grant - and they sent a team to investigate my house. I told them "no TV". We got some great voices on tape, footsteps, but no sign of my blob thing.

    That was 4 years ago, and I never saw it again. Just our friendly ghost remains, and I don't mind sharing my house with her, so long as she doesn't rap on walls (she's done that before), or touch me (that too) then I'm good. I feel her sit on my bed at night, I've long since stopped looking to see whose there, as I never see her, but she gets up after a few minutes and goes on her way. Guess that's my story. I could give you lots of details, but not sure you would be interested.
    I'm interested! I would love to hear the details. (and, BTW, I share my flat with a ghost, too. He's very quiet but has made his presence known.