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  • Jun 27 '16

    This is sort of a "guardian ghost" story. When I was in college the first time, one of my new acquaintances had a friend whose mother was psychic and who had many ghosts come and "visit" her, much in the manner of Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost", channeling them and helping them out.

    Anyway, one of the ghosts decided to stick around the family and one day, during a power outage, candles were lit all over the house and my acquaintance told me that shortly thereafter, while she was alone in a room, she leaned over a candle and set herself on fire.

    Out of nowhere, an arm came and "brushed" the fire off of her sweater, leaving no singes or burn marks in its place. She said that ever since then, she's always been comfortable with ghosts, save the evil and malevolent ones.

    Thought this might make a good addition to our thread!