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Joined May 24, '16. BeenThere2012 is a Registered Nurse. She has '30 plus' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'PICU, Pediatrics, Trauma'. Posts: 705 (64% Liked) Likes: 1,044

Began nursing in 1982 as an LVN. Received RN degree in 1995. Most experience is in Pediatrics, PICU and Trauma since 1997. Worked in Ambulatory care in multiple specialties as a float while in Nursing School. I have done some Travel assignments, but prefer being on staff. Although I have enjoyed working in large teaching, medical centers and a few small community hospitals, I am looking to go back to ambulatory settings. I love getting to know patients and their families and seeing them progress in their development and health issues.

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