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Joined May 2, '16 - from 'Rose Hill, Kansas'. Carol Bush is a Entrepreneur & Oncology Nurse Consultant. She has '30 and counting!' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Oncology, Telehealth & Entrepreneurship'. Posts: 10 (60% Liked) Likes: 22

Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

by Carol Bush - Delivering bad news is difficult—so difficult that it takes finely tuned skills, coaching, and practice to do it candidly and respectfully. As an oncology nurse who has delivered plenty of...

Nurses: It’s Time For Your 2017 Money Checkup!

by Carol Bush - Repeat after me: "Money is a tool." As part of our toolkit, it’s something we can gain competency in managing, just like other tools we use in our nursing practice! First, a couple of...