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Joined May 2, '16. Carol Bush is a Entrepreneur & Oncology Nurse Consultant. She has '30 and counting!' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Oncology, Telehealth & Entrepreneurship'. Posts: 16 (69% Liked) Likes: 37

A Tale Of Cardiac Home Healthcare in Honor of American Heart Month

by Carol Bush - To begin this story, you are a home-care nurse, and a good one at that! You receive your initial intake referral form. The internist has asked you to go admit a 76 year old woman on 4 liters of...

Nurses: It's Time For Your 2017 Money Checkup!

by Carol Bush - Repeat after me: "Money is a tool." As part of our toolkit, it's something we can gain competency in managing, just like other tools we use in our nursing practice! First, a couple of...

Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

by Carol Bush - Delivering bad news is difficult—so difficult that it takes finely tuned skills, coaching, and practice to do it candidly and respectfully. As an oncology nurse who has delivered plenty of...