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Joined May 2, '16. Carol Bush is a Entrepreneur & Oncology Nurse Consultant. She has '30 and counting!' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Oncology, Telehealth & Entrepreneurship'. Posts: 16 (69% Liked) Likes: 37

Carol is Content Strategist, Writing Coach and Owner of The Social Nurse. She is founder of The Healthcare Writers Network. She has over 30 years experience as an Oncology Nurse & Clinical Consultant and is a graduate of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency. Carol followed a circuitous route to a career in oncology. Her first undergraduate degree is in Ag Journalism. A nursing degree followed 10 years later, after three children and an unknown number of pizza suppers. She lives on four peaceful acres, with her sweetheart, Don. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and stalking her adult children via social media.

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Entrepreneur & Oncology Nurse Consultant
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Oncology, Telehealth & Entrepreneurship
30 and counting! years
content marketing, coaching nurse writers, social media, innovation in nursing practice
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