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Forever Love

The first time I met Bill, he was sitting straight up in his wheelchair. He was a tall lanky man, almost my height while sitting in his chair. Soft spoken, gentle to the touch; his brown eyes gleamed with a story of a hard-working life. He grew up in a small town, worked hard during the day on his farm. Raised two children with his loving wife and lost her years ago. "She was the love of my life- the woman that carried me through any hardships, who was there with me through all the joys,... Read More →

A Place to Call Home

My name is Julie- I've been employed at S***** since January 2009. I am the full-time LPN in the evening. Throughout these last four years, I've come to learn about many life stories of my friends that have come to know S***** as "Home". Those first few weeks are hard on any new resident that comes to live in an unfamiliar place. I've seen someone who has become angry with the family, wanting to leave and 'go home' ...begin to open up and call some of their fellow peers 'friends'. The... Read More →

My buddy Joe

The first time I met Joe, I suddenly felt like I was in the presence of my own father who had passed away a few months prior. His stature, the way his blue eyes could tell a story... it was like God giving me this second chance to find some closure and acceptance to my own father's sudden death at 59. Nursing is more than a career and paycheck to me- it's life. I have always been intrigued with the medical field- as a young kid, I watched "Rescue 911". I wanted to be a hero- to give someone... Read More →

Is Faith Enough?

I use to think that faith was enough- that if I had enough faith, I could accomplish anything. Faith is something that I think can lead us into the belief of being able to have a stronghold on life. When the tough gets going, we start to see that cloud of darkness roll in. I have always been known to be a Christian, but the closer I get to thinking I know who I am, or what I am and believe in- things change. One minute I am feeling this complete satisfaction of life as if some light of... Read More →

Unfinished Business

I can close my eyes and recall that exact moment my world had stopped- the moment I heard my father had passed away. Nothing prepares you for that moment- all the times I have held an elderly resident in my arms as she rested her head on my shoulder, telling me they know their life is going to end pretty soon...no amount of nursing can quite take away that emotional attachment to your dad. Let me move back to seven months prior to his passing. I had gotten off an hour early from work and... Read More →

A Changed Heart

Late nights usually accompany me with the television on low as I randomly read through a magazine or book, once I am in my soft pajamas. I fall asleep quicker when I take a few hours to unwind. Then I turn on the fan, close my eyes and cuddle in my bed with warm blankets surrounding me. This is the typical night for me; nothing exciting. ....and then there are those thoughts that I just so happened to think about as I heard on the commercial about starving children. About those poor dogs... Read More →

Have you seen this person?

I glance up from my medication cart just in time to see Mary coming down the hall with a frantic look on her face. Often, this kind of look from a resident means either... A) They are in dire need of a bathroom NOW or B) Something is going to cause me to have a long night of paperwork. Mary is holding a framed picture of herself that appears to be a few decades old. "Have you seen this person?" she innocently asks. "I can't find her anywhere." ... Read More →

A Mother's Touch

There is a place in everyone's heart that will always remember "Mom"...the touch of a gentle hand that is placed on our foreheads when we are running a fever, a kleenex swiped across our tiny noses when we have a cold, a hand that reaches out to us when we cross the street. Memories are a treasured secret; sometimes we bury these memories in the back of our minds and one day something will remind us to look back and appreciate all that our mother has done for us. "A mother is she who can... Read More →

Facing the World Ahead...

I remember waking up early, sitting outside in that crisp cool air and just wondering what kept me motivated. I often sat outside to catch a breather, and then go back in and finish my studies. I knew I wanted to be someone that helped others since I was a kid; my friends always thought of me like their own mother hen; although I have yet to have any children, I am often the one to make sure that my friends are doing alright, that they aren't in any danger in their lives. I sometimes would put... Read More →

When Pigs Fly

I have an egg that sits on my desk at home; it's not your everyday bacon and eggs kind of egg. It's a beautifully hand-painted wooden egg. It's painted blue, with a pig flying with wings. It reminds me of many reasons why I became a nurse. I received this art egg after Sr. Mary* passed away. She was a Nun; a very lovely, full of life Nun. She lived life with zest. She had a smile that you knew she was up to something. She saw my transition from new c.n.a. to graduated LPN. I have now been... Read More →

The story is in the soil....

The first time I met Thelma*, she was rolling down the hallway in her wheelchair, sad deep blue eyes focused on something more than what was ahead of her. She wore a pink sweatsuit, her hair was a mess. I introduced myself, and all she could say was, "I just moved here because my husband died and my family couldn't take care of me anymore." She just moved into an apartment in our assisted living facility, she was upset because she felt like she didn't have a purpose in this world. She lost her... Read More →

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