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    AWESOME hospital!!!!

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    Our Doctors all pretty much have the same orders. Ice chips once in the room, clears after that if no n/v and doing well. Then progress to a soft diet & then a regular diet with the passing of gas. It would usually go, C/S @ chips once in room...clears for lunch and maybe dinner..depending on mom it sometimes is a soft diet. Ambulate patient after 8pm in room only. In Am Ambulate patient in hall and breakfast is a soft diet. Lunch is usualy a regular diet for sure.

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    Some of these have me laughing so hard!!! I always have to bite my tongue when I have the new mom or father ask where the baby is going to stay during the night? UMM with you guys. And the response is..but we are really tired and want to sleep.... Hello welcome to parenthood..sleeping is now just a distant memory.

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    This was just the thread I was looking for. I am actually from Temecula CA. Just North of San Diego & my husband & I are also looking to move to Austin. Having 10 yrs of nursing experience in OB & Pediatrics I was so worried about the pay cut.....This was the first place I have found that anyone has given me an idea of what I would make in Austin. I have called hospitals..but was told that they couldn't really tell me without an interview.
    Thanks for the input on schools as well!!! We were thinking of Round Rock, Cedar Park or Georgetown. My husband also just brought up Kyle, TX yesterday. We will be going out in March to look around.